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DTOID: With Bulletstorm, Epic and People Can Fly not only succeed at delivering the “bigger” and the “more,” but bring with it a gameplay slant that makes it a one-of-a-kind experience.

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Arup022796d ago

Damn, a multiplat is ruining a exclusive game. Wow, this day is epic.(no pun intended)

Heavy_Rain2796d ago

Er? didnt KZ3 get a 10/10 in destructoid. Wow certain console owners hyping up multiplats as if they are exclusives and can only be played in one console. Wow just wow. LBP2 , KZ3, and Bulletstorm wow awesome time for gaming but certain console owners get only one. Poor things

Arup022796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Yep, but i don't see Xbox fanboys crying because a MULTIPLAT game is recieving better scores than the EXCLUSIVE game. But wait!!!! Every site is BS!!! Every reviewer got paid by MS!!! Damn!

NukaCola2796d ago

Arup, both your comments are reported as trolling.

On topic, Destructiod gave KZ3 a 10/10, so I don't see what the hell your talking about. Also, who cares. Let Bulletstorm get what it gets. It's the only game the 360 fanboys have releasing this month, why would they be ungrateful? Fail troll is fail...

BakedGoods2796d ago

NukaCola hit it right on the head. 360 fanboys just have multiplats till Christmas, they NEED a solid game to play. Bulletstorm is good but it's no KILLZONE 3--everyone knows it.

PS3 Supremacy2796d ago

That's because all the 360 has is multiplats. How can it defend the review scores of its exclusives when its got none? BAM!

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thereapersson2796d ago

Report his comments as trolling all you want, but because the moderation staff on this website is heavily 360-slanted, nothing will get done about it.

FailOverHero2796d ago

No it isn't, the exclusive got 10/10 from these guys. Nothing is ruining anything. Two great games are releasing at the same time, nothing else to it

thereapersson2796d ago

A fair and well-balanced comment from you earns you a well-said bubble from me.


Masterchef20072796d ago

I was expecting bullet storm to do worse based on the experience that i have had with the demo. But looks like its turning out to be a pretty good game. However i do not feel like its worth buying me for me. I am currently on the fence on whether to get Dead Space 2 or not but the 70€ price tag is killing me

bobrea2796d ago

I felt seriously ripped off by dead space 2. I'd wait for a price drop or just rent it

bobrea2796d ago

Wow, another 9/10 fps. This is getting boring