Can Bulletstorm meet its high sales expectations?

As gamers get ready to make it rain bullets, action and all out insanity in the newly-released title Bulletstorm from developers People Can Fly, Epic Games and publisher Electronic Arts, retailers prepare to make a killing at the check stand with HULIQ News projecting the game will easily sell 4.5 million copies. Between the controverisal coverage from FOX's cable news channel and the praise the game has already received from critics, including a 9.25 from the gaming magazine Game Informer, odds are good that the first-person shooter will come at least very near that high number.

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Kon2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

I doubt. For many people this game doesn't worth 60. It is more of a rent type.

kreate2820d ago

and people would rather buy killzone 3 than bulletstorm.

Blaze9292820d ago

what people? What is with the constant bringing up Killzone 3 in Bulletstorm discussions?

Anyway, I agree that this doesnt seem like a $60 game to me. Gears of War 3 beta i'm sure is the reason for the majority of 360 owners picking this up early release since "late shipment copies won't have the invitation"

...sure it won't EA/Epic - sure it won't.

joydestroy2820d ago

people are bringing up KZ3 in bulletstorm articles because they released on the SAME DAY, today.

joydestroy2820d ago

yep, not worth $60 imo. maybe $30. just seems like something i'd pick up and put right back down. heck, i've dropped $60 on games i thought were going to be really awesome yet they were also ones i didn't play for too long. takes a lot to keep me coming back to a game.

Boody-Bandit2820d ago

This has budget price written all over it. I am going to gamefly Bulletstorm. It seems to be a bare bones game with limited replay value. No co-op, one online mode, short SP, next to no story and weak voice acting. I'm sure it wil be fun but that fun, at least for me, will be short lived.

cochise3132820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Ugh no, Killzone 3 is going to crush this games on both consoles collectively. I'm just telling the truth. This goes for any high profile exclusive going up against a sub par multiplat.

xlockingupthesunx2820d ago

Maybe not, but I bought it. I need to get KZ3 as well, damn this recession.

ps3360games2820d ago

at Killzone 3 is at number 2 and Bulletstorm is at number 32

slutface2820d ago

killzone 3 releasing the same day....bulletstorm is dead on arrival....i was gonna get bulletstorm but when i learned killzone 3 was releasing the same day i changed my mind

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The story is too old to be commented.