PS3 Fanboy review: Heavenly Sword

When talking about Heavenly Sword, it's hard not to bring up SCEA's fantastic God of War series. From the very first glimpses at Heavenly Sword the comparison has been drawn and while it's not really fair they do share some similarities.

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sicknnyc4039d ago

Their Warhawk Review was fair as is with this one. there really not fanboy!?

achira4039d ago

they are not as biased as some sites who claim they are unbiased. e.g. ign, gamespot, 1up.

QuackPot4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

if not for it's short length and repetitive enemy ai.

You really get pulled in and sympathize alot with Nariko.

Can't wait for Heavenly Sword 2 and a definite 10/10 rating.

For now, goodbye Kratos. I have a new game Hero-ine. FTW

Farsendor14039d ago

yeah fair score has nice graphics but it is a bit short like most games today.

HeartlesskizZ4039d ago

This game is really good and short but it will never match God of War

SL1M DADDY4039d ago

If you did not bother to get all of the glyphs and bother with finding all of the pots... However, having done most of that I found the game to be just right. I am 32, have two kids and a wife and cannot spend 40 hours plaing a game every chance I get. Oblivion was great but was too long for my tastes. This game is the greatest cinematic experience I have had on a console ever. The right length, the right combat, the right acting and the right mnood. This game does it all right by me. And who can't help but watch Kai when she walks slowly, both her and Nariko make for a sexier God of War IMHO.

CourtesyFlush4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

I don't have kids yet, but still don't have a lot of time for long gaming sessions. The story may be short, but is certainly sweet. And Kratos may be a badass, but I prefer watching Nariko's curvaceous buttocks as she kicks those of others.

I find the story compelling enough and, in a way, the perfect length to showcase the system... Once perfected, it would be like playing through (or acting in) a 2-hour box office blockbuster. And the challenge of glyphs and pots and such is enough to hold my admittedly limited attention span.

And just when I've unlocked everything, it'll be time to pick up and kick back with a copy of R&C TOD.

ukilnme4038d ago

"Nariko's curvaceous buttocks", lol that is funny as hell. One of my co-workers bought this game the other day and he said it is awesome. I definitely will we pick this up too when I get a PS3.

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