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"Upon first hearing the premise of a game that tasked players to play and take over Russian matryoshka dolls, I was both confused and intrigued. Leave it up to the creative minds over at Double Fine Productions to think of something so outrageously unique. Stacking follows the exploits of a young, miniature stacking doll named Charlie Blackmoore. His older siblings all get abducted by the dastardly Baron, and are forced into a life of child labor on many of his establishments. Charlie’s ability to stack into other dolls breathes courage into the little guy and he sets off to not only free his siblings but to bring down the Baron for good." -Mike Splechta, GameZone

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p_weezy4152821d ago

Great review! The graphics look awesome and interesting concept for a game. I played the demo and loved it!

Kakihara2821d ago

Obviously it's got a ton of charm and a beautiful setting but I have to agree with something hinted at in this review. If you're not interested in finding every single way to solve each problem the game is not only short but not really at all challenging. You'll never really find yourself stuck on any puzzle.

GodsHand2821d ago

I got stuck on some puzzles on the ship. But after a while I figured them out. I think the hi-jinx are a joke, pretty easy to complete just going up to random dolls.

TheSanchezDavid2821d ago

I'll probably download this on the PlayStation 3 once I have some spare cash around. It looks like a great deal of fun. I like how characters all have unique puzzle-solving abilities. Looks like an engaging game to say the least.

GodsHand2821d ago

I like the game, but that may be because I got free for being a plus memeber. I would say wait until a price drop, as I would not pay $15 for it.

athmaus2821d ago

Interesting concept, i like the graphics to. Not sure if i will buy though

vdh2821d ago

It sounds like a really unique title, like most of Doublefine’s productions. Now, after reading the review I feel the need to give this game a try.

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The story is too old to be commented.