Killzone 3 – HD Video Walkthrough Guide

RipTen: Guerrilla Games has finally unleashed their definitive Sci-Fi shooter on the masses, and PlayStation 3 owners couldn’t be any happier. Finally, gamers can continue the story of Sev, Rico and the remnants of the ISA invasion force as they fight for survival on planet Helghan.

Use this HD Guide to help.

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Invadersims2797d ago

I really need to get a PS3

claterz2797d ago

I've already watched the first 30 minutes on youtube, I can't help myself! lol
Only 2 more days

SSKILLZ2797d ago

Don't ! You will ruin it for your self

SSKILLZ2797d ago

Shooting the bugs in the jungle is addicting ! , I think I spent a lot of time just shooting them helghan roaches!!

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