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Iroquois_Pliskin2821d ago

do people still buy this crap?

thebudgetgamer2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

i actually enjoy golf games. it's good for lazy days and is a good tempo changer after playing kz2.
i do understand how some people just find it boring.

Bear_Grylls2820d ago

Gatorade dropped his tiger label and I have a box waiting on my shelf.

Hello eBay lol.

SJPFTW2821d ago

do i get to fight off attacks by angry swedish housewives?

edwineverready2821d ago

If it implements move in a great way. I will buy it. I think tiger woods 2011 had a patch for move. so this one will come with move support. i will try the demo and make up my mind.

nevin12821d ago

Hot Shot Golf is a better series.

earbus2821d ago

Ps2 holds this series back every year same engine update it every year it comes out on ps2 .

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