Gears of War Cliff Bleszkinski dips into Killzone 3

XMNR: Just because Epic Games' Cliff Bleszinski is seen as the face of the Xbox 360 exclusive Gears of War series and the newly released Bulletstorm for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 doesn't mean he won't support the competition. In fact, it's not so much about competition with him as he mentions that he picked up Killzone 3.

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wwm0nkey2820d ago

"I support our products but more importantly I support GAMES"

More people need to think like this man.

inveni02820d ago

Of course he plays the competition. It would be bad business (and just plain stupid) not to. Do you think that Sony and Microsoft don't own each others' consoles for studying how to improve their own?

MintBerryCrunch2820d ago

in the end, he knows how to be humble...i know that his competition will do the same when Gears comes out

being a fan of games is one thing, being a fanboy?

well thats a totally different topic

MaxXAttaxX2820d ago

Of course he has to play other games.
Where would his ideas for his own come from?

DaTruth2819d ago

I almost got a job as a developer, but they told me I'd have to stop playing other games! /s

acedoh2819d ago

You don't get in this business because you dislike games. Obviously for these developers it's a passion to do what they do. For most it's really not a war.

anh_duong2819d ago

todays killzone owner is tomorrows gears supporter and vice versa.. why the hell would you want to diss the opposition and alieante pottential future customers..

this is where fanboyism differs to supporting a football club:

people don't often change the club they support

but fanboys can often - and do - become multi-console supporters..

hence to alienate the opposition fanboy is really bad business.. the opposite approach should be taken..

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user83971442820d ago

Yes that was a great comment from him. I think PS3 vs 360 rants arent as bad as they used to be

edhe2819d ago

Not sure about that: sure the middleground has mellowed but it's pushed the extremists further out and the insane rants are now a little cuckoo.

Fun though.

TheGuardianFID2820d ago

Classy Cliff, very classy, I have both K3 and BulletStorm, the best of both!!! 8)

TheDivine2820d ago

Wait what? Ps3 folk always hate cliffy. Hes a dick, bla bla bla. He says he bought one ps3 game and yall are on his nuts? You people sell out faster than the new iphones lol. At least stand by what you say and believe. I like cliffy, always have, great games and cool dude.

nycrekid2820d ago

The Divine

I don't know how you took one person's totally innocent comment about having both games and turned it into your retarded rant bro. Seek some help.

BlackTar1872820d ago

The divine paints with 1 GIANNNNTTTTT PAINTBRUSH

TheDivine2819d ago

didnt mean to insult you u might like him and nothing wrong w having both i was just pointing out the hypocracy of people here hating something w/o trying or blindly hating cliffy because he makes gears and then praising him one article later. just how everyone hated valve and now they love them, dont hate talented developers because they make games on another system.

Dee_912819d ago

yea because when 1 ps3 user hates him every ps3 user hate him
i understand your train of thought perfectly

as you can see I just used it

Boody-Bandit2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

All you proved is how narrow minded and a complete waste of bandwidth some N4G members can be. Yeah every 360 consumer thinks the sun rises and sets on Cliffy B's backside. /s

On topic: Cliff is a gamer so of course he plays a wide variety of games on different platforms. A lot of developers do the same.

moparful992819d ago

@Divine You are generalizing all ps3 users under that banner... Am I a ps3 lover? Without a doubt but I am not too feeble to appreciate other games.. I've played nearly every exclusive on the 360 because I play a game before passing judgment on it.. NOT whether it has a 360 or ps3 logo on it...

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KiLLUMiNATi_892820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Now he's loved This world is FUNNY.

BiggCMan2820d ago

I'm certainly not changing my opinions on him, I don't give a damn that picked up Killzone 3. To this day I will think of him as an arrogant dickhead who doesn't have much skill at creating video games. Now isn't that funny?

Mmmkay2820d ago

i love his so much I'll let him choose his favorite 360 attachment and I'll gently put it up his ass...

Dude4202819d ago

@ BiggCMan

What I don't get is that you think he's a dickhead when he really isn't.

Remember the article that made it look like he was bashing Japanese games? The author was called out as Cliff had to clarify what he was talking about. He loves Japanese games.

There was another article where the author did some selective quoting to make Cliff look bad. What happened? We get the full interview and it turns out that's not what Cliff really meant.

Another article pointed out that Cliff wanted to bring down UC2. Turns out, it was just a joke and everyone had a laugh.

He makes a joke on KZ3 but fanboys still think he's being serious, now we see he supports KZ3.

And you think he's still an arrogant dickhead?


BkaY2819d ago

off topic : is that you Killuminati_NZ ?

ontopic: "There was another article where the author did some selective quoting to make Cliff look bad. What happened? We get the full interview and it turns out that's not what Cliff really meant."<<<<&l t;<--------this

ppl paint him a dickhead by using his one quote... way out of proportion.... dont turn game industry to film industry... For Fuk Sake


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firelogic2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Newsflash, all game developers do. they don't play games just because it's not on their development console. Cliffy B isn't special.

Jaffe plays Gears, Halo, and Mario Galaxy! OMG!!!

SpitFireAce852820d ago

Right on my man...Gamer for life....:)

TheLastGuardian2820d ago

What's that thing on the box art above the Socom 4 beta dog tags?

Mmmkay2820d ago

that red square saying "best of E3 winner" ... ?

TheLastGuardian2820d ago

As if this game didn't already have enough logos on the box art.

TheGameFoxJTV2820d ago

But, But, what about the 360!? He's a traitor. HE MUST BURN IN HELL. Or not.

I wish more consumers would take on the attitudes of the companies. None of them are dumb enough to actually prefer one console over another. Only people who just love to fall in line and bend over to others can truely be called fanboys. If that applies to you, disagree all you want. 'Cause at the end of the day, only the fanboys lose. Everyone else enjoys gaming while they bitch and moan.

blumatt2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Well said, man. Well said. While, I do strongly support PS3 exclusives, there are tons of great third party titles out there that are good too. That's what it's all about: The games. (<-in the words of Kevin Butler. haha)
PSN: blumatt

tawak2819d ago

"I support our products but more importantly I support GAMES"


cant believe people donated for this guy

itsralf2819d ago

This has nothing to do with Geohot.

miyamoto2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Yeah Baby!

There you go free advertisement for Killzone 3.

I hope he will also play Uncharted 3.

Christopher2819d ago

Most developers already support games. It's a large portion of the online community that seems to be unable to do the same.

KRATOS-PS32819d ago

Do you guys think Cliffy sucks cock!?

Spinal2819d ago

Precisely. Thats how i think. Thats why i own all consoles and play games on all platforms.

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Hands Up For Games2820d ago

Don't tell me though, he's still a twat, right?!?!

awiseman2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

And your still a cant like anyone who is sided with Xbox..

on topic: This guy is awesome. Cliff is a REAL gamer, a rarity on this site.

Nitrowolf22820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

um what? If anything this makes him sound like a 360fanboy trying to hit on PS3fanboys. (though his comment history shows he is neither)

Cliff says the strangest thing, thats all i have against him, other wise yes he does seem like a great person.

Silly gameAr2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

"And your still a cant like anyone who is sided with Xbox..

on topic: This guy is awesome. Cliff is a REAL gamer, a rarity on this site."

Yawn. I expect 20 more comments like this. Funny thing is, this guy is a fanboy himself.

yewles12820d ago

And adumbass fails again... XD

labaronx2820d ago

let people on this site tell you he cant like the other side.... hell aaron greenburg has publicly endorsed mlb the show in the past......

but he does come off as the dane cook of the industry.... some think he's a genius others think he's just good.... seems like a ok guy

btk2820d ago

He is appreciating the work that other devs put into games like KZ3 and would like to enjoy (and study) good games. I would not complain if they bring Gears of War to PS3, o Halo for that matter. A good game is a good game, regardless if it is on a ZX Spectrum, Wii, PS3 or your iPhone.