Joystiq - Bulletstorm review: It's raining fun, hallelujah

Joystiq: I've come to a conclusion: Bulletstorm wasn't so much developed as it was raised on human growth hormones and taught the English language by a group of sailors and truck drivers. It was also shown every '80s action and sci-fi movie ever made about a dozen times, given a bottle of whiskey, handed a gun and instructed to shoot anything that moves.

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aviator1892821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Sweet. I was on the fence before, but, with all of these glowing reviews pouring in and emphasizing the fun-factor, I can't wait to get me some skillshots!

MNicholas2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

with genre-busting innovation and a story that would make shakespeare weep with envy.

@gobluesamg below:

Don't be shocked by the double-standards. That's what happens when a company, according to it's own SEC mandated financial statements, has paid online magazines and similar sites more than $2 Billion dollars.

Montrealien2821d ago

lets face it, neither Killzone 3 or Bulletstorm does that.

dragonelite2821d ago

This is oldskool gameplay.

anonym2821d ago

A company with a multi-billion dollar advertising budget giving multiple billions of dollars to purveyors of advertisements? My God!

gobluesamg2821d ago

Hmmm... Joystiq skewered Killzone 3 for it's storyline yet this game gets a pass on it. Interesting.

DelbertGrady2821d ago

Maybe Bulletstorms storyline aims to be fun, and succeeds?

Montrealien2821d ago

I know I could get slammed for saying this, but the Bulletstorm story is funner imho. I mean, over the top space pirates with a checkered past stuck on an old Resort planet that has been run over by who knows what, how can you go wrong? It is a decent story, and it has that Gears of War vibe were the setting itself, the place you are in , is a character also, slowly revealing its story as you progress.

DeathMetal14742821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

don't you guys ever get tired of crying about Killzone. It's an average game accept it. LOL at disagrees fanboys out in full Force. LOL

DigitalRaptor2821d ago

You must have skipped past the brutal melee system, jetpacks, variety in environments and weapons, huge boss fights, improved graphics, lighting & physics, co-op splitscreen, and 3D and PlayStation Move support.

Hardly "nothing new" is it troll!?

jetlian2821d ago

means for the genre not the actual game. Everything they added to KZ3 is pretty standard for FPS sequals.

DeathMetal14742821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

3d and move support Really? Jet packs are barley a factor. The gameplay is basically the same. How often will use even use the melee system. The weapons are not much different. Campaign is even shorter. Oh wow a giant scripted Boss fight so unique. Bottom line it's still a giant corridor, hide behind rock and shoot. LOL Cry all you want and Say Im a troll but the facts and reviews speak for themselves. Go ahead and continue with your conspiracy theories. Do you even know how retarded you guys sound with your comments? Variety On environments, you mean the gray jungle that looks like a corridor. LOLOLOLOLOL PS3 fanboys

BakedGoods2821d ago

DeathMetal clearly hasn't played the game. I guess it's hard to buy more than one console on your weekly allowance.

Killzone 3 (from what I've played) is an incredibly epic game. You're just QQing because all you have are multiplats and Gears 3 this year. Oh yeah, and Kinect Adventures. LOL

DigitalRaptor2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

How is it reaching, when most of the things I mentioned are evident after playing the demo? ... just the DEMO!

Jet packs are significant even if you don't believe so. They are a huge part of the multiplayer. But you wouldn't know.

"The gameplay is basically the same". Don't you mean, "the basic gameplay is the same"? Yeah that would be true, but there have been additions including brutal melee.

"How often will use even use the melee system." More than you clearly will. And again, you wouldn't know because you have no interest in playing it. It's really awesome by the way, very slick and BRUTAL.

"The weapons are not much different" HAHHAHHA. What are you expecing? It's a DIRECT sequel. You think they're gonna magically spawn shitloads of brand new weapons? Is that how you imagine it would be?

"Variety On environments, you mean the gray jungle that looks like a corridor. LOLOLOLOLOL PS3 fanboys"

I literally burst out laughing here. You clearly have not played any part of the game. Are you talkin about Kaznan Jungle? How is it grey? It's probably more vibrant than that sort of jungle would actually be. We're on Helghan remember? You know, that desolate planet.

At this point it's clear that you're a PC fanboy elistist who thinks all FPS games should be like Battlefield.

I'm glad Killzone exists, because no other FPS game offers the same visceral, gritty, brutal, futurustic warzone experience. The sooner you realise that Guerilla aren't trying to be like anyone else (in game design and gameplay) and that people don't all like the same shit, the better.

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FailOverHero2821d ago

So you've played them both then?

DeathMetal14742821d ago ShowReplies(2)
clearelite2821d ago

Don't worry about joystiq, they were one of the few sites that gave it under an 8. Reviews generally look great across the board for both games.

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Raven_Nomad2821d ago

3 Hours into the BulletStorm campaign and it's already sucked me in! Glad to see new IP's getting love. It's an instant classic. I didn't expect good reviews because this game is more of a guilty pleasure, glad to see everyone else is loving it as much as I am!

gravemaker2821d ago

its over the top, but not so fun after few hours

Montrealien2821d ago

I disagree, I even clicked your disagree button to prove it.

Rampaged Death2821d ago

The title of this review is all you need to know.

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