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Developed by People Can Fly with the support of Epic Games, Bulletstorm is an injection of adrenaline in the genre of First Person Shooter. The idea behind the project is to revive the play with an emphasis on creativity brutal simulations. For a linear development of adventure and enough canon, in fact, oppose the system of so-called skillshot, particularly violent killings that take advantage of the many new elements of gameplay. Leveraging the lessons from the environment, the extravagant features of secondary weapons, and a series of attacks "melee", you have fun experimenting with the Frag most spectacular and crazy, to accumulate points and sadistic satisfaction.

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cochise3132822d ago

I'll get this game later; it doesn't warrant a 60 dollar purchase. Killzone 3 is gonna run circles around this. This game is good though if you enjoy games like serious sam and duke nukem.

dutchess2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

This just in :Killzone (85) falls to Bulletstorm's(87) on

KZ3 review"the poor textures are still in there, shamefully hidden by all the post effects"

NukaCola2822d ago

are you going to troll and spam this crap in every article?

Bulletstorm is a 86 on the meta. quit being an ass. it's not wanted.

Sizzon2822d ago

Hope you go down to 2 bubbles soon, stop trolling every damn article you nolife.

cochise3132822d ago

REAL gamers know the truth. KZ3> bulletstorm

clearelite2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

That quote is from a user review. If you've been paying attention to the user reviews so much you should have noticed that Killzone 3's user reviews are MUCH higher. Nice try, but fail :/

If you are going to paste the same nonsense in every article, I will post this in every article I visit.

Bulletstorm is looking good BTW.

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earbus2822d ago

So did they get the idea from the simpsons bonestorm episode seems like its paying homage.