Halo 3 Mimics Halo 2, With Some Improved Graphics

Charles Herold of the New York Times writes:

"For those who have played Halo and Halo 2, the wildly popular shooter games, I can review Halo 3 in one sentence.

Halo 3 is Halo 2 with somewhat better graphics.

That's all you really need to know. If you loved Halo 2, you will feel just the same about Halo 3. If you played Halo 2 and couldn't figure out what all the fuss was about, Halo 3 is not the revelatory experience that will change your view of the series forever."

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xaphanze4134d ago

why did it score 10 then?

WafflesID4134d ago

because halo 2 scored a 9.5.

I absolutely agree with that one sentence review.

Bungie didn't add anything revolutionary to the single player campaign over halo 2, they just refined it. Not that bungie had a choice. Halo is just one of those series where you just don't mess with what is working incredibly well for a lot of people.

Nothing wrong with that. It's not an attack on the game, so don't get defensive.

NewZealander4134d ago

this is getting old , just play the game and enjoy it for what it is, im enjoying the game, yeah its not up there with gears or bio in the graphics, but I think the game is more fun to play and has a better story. and as for halo 3 not explaining the story if u hav not played halo 1 or 2 the reviewer forgot to point out is that it does explain it in the manual, Its under THE STORY SO FAR, expains everything u need to know there in whats been happening.

ShiftyLookingCow4134d ago

these are the same guys who said Bioshock lacks narrative. Halo 3 certainly explains the story better than Halo 2. I am pretty tired hiring the Halo3 similar to Halo2 graphics BS. It looks similar as it is set in the same universe with lot of the same characters and enemies, it isnt GeOW but its next gen for sure.

power of Green 4134d ago

For sure I never seen graphics in some of the levels in Halo 3 in any game(Crashed Flood infested ship level with the spore egg sacks pulsating and the lighting is something I'v never seen in a game when playing in HD Period). The game is so much fun drink a beer play the game in co-op with buddies get amped up being Chief and Halo gives you an experiance unlike anything on the market, Multi player is a whole new ball game.

I tried to play this on the hardest setting and can't even last 30 seconds in the first battle.

WafflesID4134d ago

Prey, Half-life 2.

But yeah, playing co-op on Legendary was a freakin blast. 2 player legendary seems to be just slightly easier than single player Heroic, so I'd recommend that if you are playing co-op do it on legendary for the full effect.

I will admit though...the last two missions we did with 3 player co-op :) FREAKIN A those are some hard levels heh :) Seriously...if someone can get through those on single player legendary....I bow to you. A TRULY impressive feat in my eyes.

power of Green 4134d ago

The game is so satisfying when you learn how to play it, its umatched. Its so simple to pick up and play for anybody and so rewarding to the hardcore.

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The story is too old to be commented.