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Pixel_Enemy2794d ago

That song sucked nuts..

I played through the single player campaign in one sitting after getting the game at midnight! Amazing fucking game, now I have all day to spend on MP!

MGRogue20172794d ago

Killzone 3 FTW!! :D :D :D

-Alpha2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

I wish they'd use something like this (with more serious music) as an advertisement. They could edit the "Justice" trailer they had and it would be epic to have on TV.

Halo, Gears, and even Fable had amazing advertisements that looked nothing like the actual game, but it invoked great emotion and interest.

There are a lot of good trailers released on the internet by Sony, they need to get one of those on TV IMO. KB's ads are fun, but Killzone deserves an ad that emphasizes the seriousness of the game.

DigitalRaptor2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

I don't like all these trailers with modern music such as Assassin's Creed II and Brotherhood, Dead Space 2 and now Killzone 3. More serious, dramatic music would be much better suited.

Off topic: I just started watching Dexter, it rocks!

Lirky2794d ago

horrible choice of song... They should of chose a better song and not a super-mainstreamed song.

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The story is too old to be commented.