What's next for Project Gotham Racing?

As of today, Bizarre Creations is no longer part of the Project Gotham Racing series. PGR is a Microsoft owned IP, so the European studio's decision to be acquired by Activision means the franchise will fall into the hands of another when Microsoft decides to move forward with the inevitable Project Gotham Racing 5. What happens in the immediate future, however, isn't so clear.

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Genki4038d ago

and get a laughable sequel from a development team that had nothing to do with the original.

nirwanda4038d ago

they know PGR successful and will probably do a deal with MS what MS license in not publishing they gain in a console selling game like PGR3 was.

kn4038d ago

Microsoft could simply offer to let Activision continue to develop the game as an exclusive or take the IP away. I would think that "free" use of an established IP would be plenty enough incentive to sign an exclusive deal and not require cash to change hands...

Bnet3434038d ago

I think the guys who made Forza series Turn 10 which is a studio within Microsoft Game Studios will take PGR series and probabaly do A better job. PGR is a game that gets scores like 8's and 8.5's and a few 9's