The Next Tales Series Project… Is Tales Of Town?

Aside from Tales of Xillia for PlayStation 3, Namco Bandai appears to have another Tales series project in the pipeline. The home of Pac-Man and Splatterhouse filed a trademark for Tales of Town in English and Japanese in Japan.

Usually, Namco Bandai files a trio of trademarks for major releases. Two trademarks are red herrings while one ends up being the actual title. This time Tales of Town was filed alone.

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Chris3992822d ago

This, horrific micro-transaction Hell:

Now make sure you all buy Grace F so that we can get Xillia over here! :)

Stealth20k2821d ago

believe me they are making ngp and 3ds tales games

Infernostew2821d ago

3ds is Tales of the Abyss port. I'd say we'll see some original tales titles on NGP.

Shok2821d ago

Dang, they sure are putting these games out pretty fast. Oh well, I love the Tales Of games. They usually have good length, enjoyable characters, and really good stories.

Infernostew2821d ago

This is just a browser MMO game. Looks real dumb and you can barely consider this a tales game besides that it has characters from tales games in it.