Sharp to sell seven Blu-ray recorder models

Sharp Corp, a member of Sony Corp's Blu-ray digital disc group, will sell seven recorder models in Japan beginning on Oct. 27 to take market share from Toshiba Corp's rival high-definition DVD (HD DVD) standard.

Sharp will initially produce a monthly output of 30,000 of the Blu-ray recorders, which will be priced between ?100,000 (US$871) and ?120,000, the Osaka-based company said yesterday.

Another two models with hard-disk storage, priced at ?200,000 and ?300,000, will be sold beginning on Dec. 1.

The recorders will extend the accessibility of Blu-ray, which rivals HD DVD as the next home entertainment standard, after Sony this month said it would sell four models beginning on Nov. 8. The new models may also help Sharp meet a forecast 33 percent gain in digital disc player and recorder sales to ?60 billion this fiscal year.

"We see huge potential for these models as about 80 percent of people are still using older, analog-type recorders," Masafumi Matsumoto, a senior executive vice president at Sharp, said at a briefing in Tokyo.

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