Bulletstorm Wall Glitch: That’s One Way To Escape Disco Inferno

GameBlurb writes, "During our play through of Bulletstorm on the PlayStation 3 we encountered a rather odd wall glitch. When trying to retreat from enemy fire, Gray vaults over a table and right through a wall. Collision geometry fail at its finest.

Anyone else have Disco Inferno stuck in their heads now? Damn…"

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jaidek2799d ago

haha, no matter how much polish a game gets there will always be small glitches like these.

"Burn, baby, burn, Disco Inferno..."

darkecho2799d ago

That's pretty funny. I wonder if this is "patch-worthy".

MicrocutsX22799d ago

LOL...i wonder if this is possible to replicate this again?

liquidxtension2799d ago

Haha saw this on the show last night. Was filled with so much hialrious stuff.

BIGTRIN2799d ago

some glitches actually help make the game better :D

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