Killzone 3 on PlayStation 3 Multiplayer Impressions - PushSquare

PushSquare: "As we're sprinting through the tropical corridors of Killzone 3's 'Kaznan Jungle' map, we can't help but acknowledge the sense that things have changed for the better. The changes won't please everyone, but they're enough to engage us on a level Killzone 2 never could. We pirouette on the upper-tiers of the map. Blue lights. We snap down into the sights of our light machine-gun and unload a dozen bullets into the target. As a crisp, satisfying spurt of crimson acknowledges our pin-point aim, the target, an ISA soldier, rotates its firearm in our direction, before punching off a round and collapsing to the ground. The shots muddy our screen, and we sprint forward now the cross-fire has exposed our position. A turret lies wasted on the ground. We pull out our repair kit and fashion it into a working war-machine. But the blue lights are on our tail. The recovered turret repositions itself as we seek refuge behind it. It pumps out shots at sprinting blue targets. We reposition, etching out enough room for our point of cover to paint the closing blue around us. We miss. The screen goes red and we're on the floor, flowing with exhilaration."

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