GamerNode: Top 10 Videogame Trailers

With the Oscars coming up, many film fans, including myself, are analyzing and discussing the best movies from the past year in preparation for what will most likely be a disappointing awards ceremony. While that's all well and good, this time of red carpet giddiness and cinematic splurge makes me want to celebrate the aesthetics of video games. After seeing the jarring three-minute masterpiece that is the Dead Island trailer, I realized how much I enjoy videogame trailers. With that in mind, here's my list of the top 10 best videogame trailers.

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Murpho2891d ago

Solid picks in there. Really approve of the number one choice.

italianbreadman2891d ago

Very nice collection of trailers. I enjoyed that thoroughly.

However, it made me realize once again why I avoid game trailers; that BioShock trailer would have ruined the best part of the game - Rapture's reveal - had I seen it prior to playing!

TheAmericnDream2891d ago

Yeah, I almost wish I had never seen the Bioshock: Infinite trailer. The game hasn't even come out yet, and I already wish I could have experienced the city in the sky for the first time within the game.

amlabella2889d ago

Great picks all around, especially BioShock for #1.