Halo 3 Graphics Evolved

GameSpot writes:
Sometimes it can be easy to forget that the original Halo and its sequel Halo 2 both came out on the same console, the original Xbox. The Bungie development team was able to use its experience with the platform to make Halo 2's graphics superior to the original even though both games were designed for the same console. The graphics leap from Halo to Halo 2 was impressive, but it also raised our expectations for Halo 3. If Bungie could make Halo 2 look that good on the Xbox, just imagine what Halo is going to look like on the Xbox 360.

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MK_Red4040d ago

It's a rather good comparison and some of them show real improvement from Halo 1 to 2 to 3. The lightning effects are the best.

JokesOnYou4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

I don't know how some will still deny that Halo3 looks alot better than Halo2 in HD, and here's yet more side by side comparisons proving the haters wrong, right in their face=

nice quality news MK Red,

@ the haters=


HateFanboys4040d ago

It doesn't prove them wrong, these comparisons are deceiving, cuz when you look at the game in real life, it really does just look like an improved Halo, it doesn't look leaps and bounds better. Its a nice looking game, and i think the graphics are the best part of the game. But whats that say about the game? i do not like the way this version of the game plays in comparison to the last two games. Its lost its feel, it feels too floaty, too loose, to weak, the rumbling is weak, and just doesn't feel intense at all. When you shoot the guys, they barely react to it making it hard to tell if you're really hitting them when they are far away. The game also feels way easier. and where is this all so intelligent AI? This just reminds me of COD3, where the game looked better than part 2, but didnt play better. The game is definitely overrated in my book. And the game doesnt even have anti-aliasing turned on, on 720P. Mediocre at best. You fanboys just sweat stupid sh!t, period!

Close_Second4040d ago

...that Halo 3 is merely Halo 2 but in HD. Halo 3 is better than that however, its still not all it could of it?

Maybe Halo 4 (will there be one) will be the true leap into next-gen we were all expecting.

Ludwig4040d ago

His point is that the knowledge aquired on the Xbox1 wasn't going to help as much as it did from 1 to 2 .. so their knowledge on 360's hardware now due to Halo 3 is going to make the next game really shine.

Farsendor14040d ago

halo 3 is awesome i disagree with anyone that says its halo 2 in hd.

mighty_douche4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

ok first off let me say halo 3 looks good, but when M$ push their GPU saying it was designed to have full HDR lighting and AA without even pushing it, that clearly isnt the case is it, halo 3 is the 360's BIGGEST game and their cash cow so i would of expected them not to rest on halo until it really set new levels on the xbox. it seems to me they spent more time on the environments and just seemed to slap the charactor models together at the end.

i wouldnt be surprised if bungie would of wanted more time on this game and M$ said NO.

edit: obviously graphics arent the most important part of a game, but they really help to get you into it. what gets me is xbox fanboy constantly bashed the graphics on the ps3 and now that their top game is getting a little negative feed back about its graphics suddenly its... 'graphics arent that important...' 'yeah but the gameplay is what matters...'

personally if i waited over 2 years for a game that was to be released on a completely new system i would of wanted a hugh leap in all aspects of the game, graphics, story, animations etc etc i personally think bungie has fallen far short of what all the fanboys claimed it would be.

oh and Nostredame, regardless of what your avatar may say my PS3 seems to perfectly alive and kicking.

Saint Sony4040d ago

They spent most of the time making the GAME itself not just GFX. There are other things in game than GFX, but most of here does not seem to get it. Anyhow, anyone who says HALO3 looks like HALO2 should get their eyes/head checked.

...and MS gave all the money Bungie wanted and $25mil bonus to the team.

Ravenator5294040d ago

Newsflash for ya, Halo 3 has sold over $170 million in sales in just one day. And that is only in the United States!!

It broke the record for entertainment releases on day one. Beating out blockbuster movies such as Spiderman 3 and the most recent Harry Potter book.

So I think the whole "cashcow" thing is working out for M$ quite well!

Regardless of you ignorant, biased, and uneducated arguments about this game.

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