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Bulletstorm is a hyper-macho, rather juvenile but highly stylish shooter, which puts a premium on creativity.

Creativity is at the heart of most things you do in Bulletstorm. For every kill you make, you get a score based on the style and flair shown. Using one or more of the three weapons you can have equipped at any one time, potentially in combination with your leash – a device that lets you pull enemies towards you – you can eviscerate your foes in a huge number of ways.

It's the key selling point of a first-person shooting romp that sees you, as hyper-macho lead character Grayson Hunt, carving his indelicate way through hordes of humanoid and botanic life on a distant alien planet. Accompanied by a disgruntled former employee and a tough-as-nails female commando, Grayson seeks the ultimate revenge on the army officer who ruined his life.

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Montrealien2821d ago

8 and up is what this game deserves, its just a fun shooter, and that's that.

This and Killzone 3, on the same day?


LightofDarkness2821d ago

Yeah, Friday's gonna be a fun day for me.

girlwithturn2821d ago

This stupid magazine that always gave ps3 exclusives less scores than 360 or multi-games. Pussygraph