Valve: New Source Engine SDK will be less 'painful' for devs

CVG: Valve has promised that it is spending a "tremendous amount of time" improving its Source Engine SDK.

Gabe Newell admitted that for both Valve and those who use its development tools, Source has become "painful" to use as it makes development difficult.

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Krakn3Dfx2793d ago

New Source engine is likely the reason for the extended delay on Half Life 3. Hopefully Valve coming out and making a statement on the engine itself means they are close to a bigger announcement.

JsonHenry2793d ago

I just want episode 3. :/

BUT I am excited about a new Source engine. The current engine has produced some fantastic games.

Xfanboy2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

I don't want hl3 this year to many games to get through.. next year 12/25/2012 would be a perfect time!!

I rather they wait & perfect the masterpiece until it's ready & up to there standards. no rushing it!

source is still an amazing engine so source 2.0 will be crazy nice!!

DeadlyFire2793d ago

I still say Portal 2 has some kinda new Source engine code built into it.

Pandamobile2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

Every Valve game has new engine stuff in it.

Pandamobile2793d ago

Doesn't really matter the platform, really. Valve designed Source to be modular.

Every major release brings a large amount of change to the Source engine.

HL2/CSS = Original Source
Ep. 1 = HDR
Orange Box = Multi-core, better post processing, new face flexing pipeline
L4D = AI Director, filmic effects
L4D2 = Multi-core enhancements, awesome gore
Portal 2 = improved lighting, fluids

Mista T2793d ago

please, new half life valve.....I hope