Eutechnyx to explore region free NASCAR

Publishing behemoth Activision won't release NASCAR 2011 in the UK, but developer Eutechnyx has offered fans a glimmer of hope that they may one day play the game.

How so? By making NASCAR 2011 region free.

"Ultimately, as the distributor, Activision make the call on which territory the game will be released in," Eutechnyx's NASCAR product manager Gregg Baker told Eurogamer.

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Si-Fly2821d ago

Importing it via Amazon which is costing about £55, hoping the PS3 version will be equal to the 360 one if they don't get region unlocking. Should be the best NASCAR game since Papyrus...

DeadlyFire2821d ago

You would hope anyway. Its definately going to be different from EA's Nascar games. I just hope it lives. I think the first game is gonna be hit hard with criticism. I hope it can bounce from it though.

Dan502821d ago

Why are not all games region free? :(

Si-Fly2821d ago

All PS3 games are it's 360 games and I think Wii games that aren't.