Super Meat Boy gets two new chapters on XBLA

As promised, the "Expert Remix" and fan-created "Cramps" chapters of Super Meat Boy on Xbox Live Arcade are now available for the cheaper-than-fast-food price of free. Accessible through "The Internets" -- the hub world included in the XBLA version of SMB -- each chapter features a slew of sharp, sometimes spinning objects that serve to stop Meat Boy's path to victory. While Cramps is hand-crafted by community member NovaSilisko, the Expert Remix levels are plucked from the original game's chapters and made extra difficult (a full list of the levels remixed can be found after the break).

Also of note: "The Internets" is now unlockable at an earlier point in the game, requiring either 15 bandages or 40 completed levels. And while we appreciate the sentiment in lowering the barrier to entry, we'll be looking directly down our noses at you folks who needed the extra help. We're sorry -- it's just what Meat Boy does to us.

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DelbertGrady2798d ago

That's awesome news. Haven't picked it up yet but with these free DLC packs I might just have to.

Yi-Long2798d ago

... it's one of the very best games this generation.

I don't mean it's one of the best 'arcade' games. I mean one of the best games PERIOD!

Well worth the 1200 points, although personally I'm glad I picked it up when it was 800. Just a terrific game.

Love it Love it LOVE IT!

Burning_Finger2798d ago

LMAO!! The picture looks "HAPPY"!! :)

blizzard_cool2798d ago

Nah eh is thinner. Will this ever come to PSN'

Primal Rex2798d ago

Its free !!! that very nice of them i was expecting a price of at lest 400 ms points !!!

lochdoun2798d ago

I read that they found a loophole in the system to make it free.

Primal Rex2798d ago

Just went to check as i have the game and they are free and dam are they hard levels !!!

SaveAndQuit2797d ago

The impossible levels just got more impossible.