Racers back at pole position

Driving games reach top gear following big sales of GT5, F1, Need for Speed and Test Drive.

The losing streak for racing games is definitely over, with Test Drive Unlimited 2 on top this week.

Early last year a number of high-profile racers failed to meet sales expectations, including Activision’s Blur.

But a string of No.1s have seen the racing genre get back on track. Codemasters’ F1 2010 reached No.1 in September last year and this was followed by EA’s Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit in November, which remained in the Top Ten for 13 weeks.

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MidnytRain2822d ago

It's good to see that racing games have been getting attention and sales recently, along with fighting games. Now, adventure games need a turn in the limelight, although some would argue God of War III has already given us its share. Maybe some kind of high-profile, revolutionary/experimental point-and-click game could capture us.