Analysis: The Closing U.S. Gap Between Xbox 360 And Wii

As part of our monthly U.S. NPD retail video game sales analysis, Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews examines how the gap has been closing between Xbox 360 and Wii at U.S. retail, predicting the "Xbox 360 will best the Wii in both units and revenue in 2011."

For Sony and Microsoft, there are at least some obvious paths to take in the course of 2011 in order to maintain solid hardware sales.

For Sony, it should cut its hardware price and execute on its software plans. Microsoft needs to maintain its Kinect momentum and, if necessary, keep its hardware priced competitively against the PS3.

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Stealth20k2794d ago


worldwide the 360 basically in third now

kreate2794d ago

something that is not PS3 vs Xbox360!

im sorry mario, princess zelda, yoshi, pikachu, and other nintendo characters i dont really care for...

i hope the Xbox360 catches up and burn the Wii.

Loner2794d ago

Not really the gap is 2.9 million

Xbox 360 – 50.8 million
PlayStation 3 – 47.9 million

kreate2794d ago

he probably means the trend of hardware sales.
probably by the end of this year. ps3 will catch up to xbox360. especially with a price drop coming soon.

but.... i thought this was a Xbox360 vs Wii?

edhe2793d ago


If sony drop the $ then so will MS. Won't affect the market positioning, and may in fact benefit MS more.

Sony are still trying to break even from the ps3 overall [cite: ], MS are scooting ahead making shit tons of profit from the 360, live & kinect. [cite: ]

MS could drop the 360+kinect to $150 if they wanted to and probably still take $50 from each sale.

Whilst the ps3 has gained much deserved momentum it's not like MS will stand still to let them take over their positioning.

BrutallyBlunt2794d ago

Only 4 comments so far? Must not be about the Playstation 3 against the XBOX360.