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Killzone 3 is like a Michael Bay film. The high-concept premise sounds awesome, but that's where the entertainment factor pretty much stops. Things like warring transforming robots sound amazing when distilled to one sentence, but the execution in such productions amounts to endless clichés and lots and lots of people jumping away from explosions, preferably in slow motion. Killzone 3, much like a Michael Bay movie, also looks absolutely gorgeous in a clearly digitized way.

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FACTUAL evidence2823d ago

85 on metacritic...there is no WAy KZ2 is better than 3...after playing the SP demo, and the Beta...i know for sure kz3 is better. It look, feels, and also plays better...what is wrong with reviewers.

italianbreadman2823d ago

I'm sure it's just because KZ2 came out two years ago already.

italianbreadman2823d ago

Not a huge fps player, but the supposedly slower, cover-based pace of Killzone 3 appeals to me very much.

thief2823d ago

Yes, its not all about reflexes, but rather planning your approach and using cover. The cover also seems to be better designed in 3 compared to 2, based on my experience in the demo.

SIX2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

It really isn't that slow. It sure as hell isn't COD spastic, but it can still get pretty frantic at times. I guess if you play a sniper it could be a pretty chill FPS. Killzone is all sorts of awesomeness that way.

TheAmericnDream2823d ago

Yeah, slow probably isn't the right word, but it definitely feels more like a Gears of War than a Call of Duty.

ian722823d ago

You lucky Americans can play this today (tuesday). I have to wait 'till Friday (UK).

BabyTownFrolics2823d ago

just got my copy. is the retro map pack available on psn, and if so how much does it cost, I wont be home for another 8 hours.