Bulletstorm vs Killzone 3

Two of 2011's biggest first-person shooters are released on Friday, and with money being especially tight at the moment, we're here to tell you which you should buy.

Graphics, Story, Guns, Multiplayer and Originality.

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Philoctetes2820d ago

"Overall Winner: Bulletstorm
It's a close one, but Bulletstorm edges this contest thanks to being a far more original take on the FPS genre, sporting a more fun storyline with likeable characters and offering some genuinely clever weapons. Killzone 3 isn't too disappointing, though, and is certainly worth a look if you're mostly interested in cutting-edge graphics and multiplayer gaming."

LOL. I like how we see articles like this every time a major PS3 exclusive drops. It should be interesting to see how many people are playing Bulletstorm vs. Killzone a couple of months from now.

ElementX2820d ago

I'm picking up both games in 45 minutes from Best Buy

Istanbull2820d ago

Its just a pathetic attempt by Xbox loyalist authors to make up for their pathetic and laughable 2011 line-up..

Why is it no suprising that we always get these comparisons with PS3 exclusives?

Dee_912820d ago

lol i played the bullet storm demo
talk about repetitive
I was really looking forward to it ..
but it seems like doing the same thing over and over kick somebody the fly you shoot or something similar .. it can be fun for a while but it got way too repetitive way too fast
and like the kz3 commercial said its like " shooting fish in a barrel" not hard at all

paintsville2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

BulletStorm is much more original, faster paced, just a blast to play. Killzone3 is just more of the same.

paintsville2820d ago

This isn't surprising. BulletStorm simply outclasses Killzone in every way. Face it Killzone3 is just Killzone2 with more color and less controller lag. Fact.

zootang2820d ago

Swearing is now cool? I thought people complained about it in Killzone 3 reviews, strange.

Also people can fly but they can't jump? No deduction in points for lack of Co-op or being able to jump

DualConsoleOwner2819d ago

lol. and sry they rated Bulletstorm lower than Killzone 3.

*fanboy delusion crashed*

JohnnyBadfinger2819d ago

The problem with games like Killzone 3 and its gunna happen to Uncharted3 aswell, is the fact they set the standard for their franchises so fucking high in their last game that the next installment cant really make that big a splash.

Its like doing a dive bomb into a kiddies inflatable pool. you can do 1 decent splash... but then there is no water left in the pool for the second.

PS3 developers tapped the hardware limit faster than i think anyone thought achievable... but kudos to Guerrilla Games' and Naughty Dog...

And anyone expecting anything new from a 3rd installment to a franchise is a dickhead.
Of course a new IP is gunna get the originality vote... its new!

MaxXAttaxX2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Bulletstorm, original??? ROFLMFAO

Excellent point.

Ok, I see the trend now.
Whenever a major PS3 exclusive releases, it's compared to the closest multiplatform game they could think of. Followed by controversial conclusion for HITS.

sikbeta2819d ago

"Killzone3 is just more of the same"

KZ2 is Great, so KZ3 still being Great then :P

inveni02819d ago

I played the Bulletstorm demo on PS3, and I thought it was stupid. Some of the "tricks" would be impossible with a controller because there's just not enough accuracy and response to pull them off. The game looked good enough, but it seemed more like a joke than something the developers are actually serious about getting people to play.

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TheBlackSmoke2820d ago

So Killzone 3 basically loses for not being something it wasn't trying to be in the first place...kay

MonkeyBoy922820d ago

Exactly, i'm sure Bulletstorm is a very good game but the nitpicking and hate towards Killzone is ridiculously immature from some sites. And Im not saying the best reviews of Killzone are those who gave it a 9 or 10, If a reviewer can back up a 7 or 8 then I'm happy but at least be consistent.

Fair enough I can expect normal people who are fans of certain consoles to dislike a rival game for no reason (happens both ways), but seeing how some of the gaming media is being so blatantly inconsistent and bias with reviews is almost depressing. These people are supposed to be professionals and fair enough it's their opinion however they are not there to score a game based of their own personal likes and dislikes or if they like a certain console over another, the review is for a mass audience

Karlnag32820d ago

Then you're gonna love the "Bulletstorm outsells Killzone 3 which is obviously massively surprising what with Bulletstorm being sold on multiple platforms!" articles a few days from now.

I've got Killzone 3 and Bulletstorm(360 for GeOW3 beta) pre ordered (UK doesn't get them until Friday) I'm playing Killzone 3 first, then the multiplayer... I'll get to bulletstorm when I'm (temporarily) done with KZ.

doG_beLIEfs2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

BrianC6234 asks...

"How does Bulletstorm beat Killzome 3 on story? That is one dumb story. Pirates?"

My answer? Because it is NOT a PS3 exclusive.

Funny how PS3 exclusives get points deducted for not having certain game modes...but games on multiple systems or 360 exclusives do not.

Again, the blatant bias against the PS3 shows.

KZ2 got raked over the coals for NOT having co-op, KZ2 and KZ3 reviewers bitched and moaned about the story...yet this game story is barely mentioned in reviews (even the joystiq review says its generic yet this game gets a free pass and does not have it NOR does it have multiplayer)...yet because it is NOT a PS3 exclusive it gets a free pass.

Go ahead and tell me I am just a PS3 fanboy who is making baseless arguments...I don't care...anyone who looks at this over the years with an open mind can clearly see the blatant bias game after game.

From the Joystiq review on Bulletstorm

"There's a story, and ... well, let's just say there won't be any novelizations around the adventures of its protagonist, Grayson Hunt. (They'd simply read, "He killed a lot of people. The end.")"

Yet they complained about the KZ3 story here...

"I'd much rather have nothing than the heavy-handed, absurdly edited tale of Killzone 3. There's a feature length film's worth of cutscene tucked away onto the Blu-ray disc, and were it placed into theaters you would walk out in anger and ask for your $12 back. The performances are strong, but the script is miserable. The lack of characterization makes it difficult to care about the plot, and the cutscenes' inability to convey something as simple as cause and effect makes it impossible to even try."

Unless you have your head in the sand....THERE IS YOUR BIAS....pathetic this generation "journalists" are.

Even so...the PS3 has IMO the best games, most diverse library, best motion control, best media, best graphics, best sound, best versatility, best realiability, best developers, a company that cares about the casual AND the let the reviewers continue the bias against the PS3...

It will not nor will it ever stop all the great games that PS3 gamers like myself get to enjoy year after year courtesy of the best and biggest FIRST party group of developers in the gaming industry.

Whatever makes you feel better biased gaming media, 360 fanboys....

Vega75 writes ( kill me with this comment...I am still laughing)

"I getting Bulletstrom. After playing the demo and the gears beta is enough for me. I'm not spending $64 on KZ3 when it's only 4.5 hours with out all the cut screen and I've never been interests in KZ's MP. So it's not worth the buy"

So a game with NO multiplayer, NO co-op and a maybe 6 hour game length IS WORTH your money?

Hahahahah......ahhhhhhhhhaaaa aa...yer so funny.

@Karlnag3....yes I did...."christ you nailed it" bravo

Karlnag32820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Christ, you nailed it!


EDIT @ Disagree: Jesus, don't get cross.

Ryo-Hazuki2820d ago

Agree. If Bulletstorm was a PS3 would have gotten much lower scores because "the game has NO competitive mp" and "No co-op". Let kz3 come out with just a single player and horde would be 3's and 4's all over the place

tudors2820d ago

@doG beLIEfs

"Even so...the PS3 has IMO the best games, most diverse library, best motion control, best media, best graphics, best sound, best versatility, best realiability, best developers, a company that cares about the casual AND the let the reviewers continue the bias against the PS3... "

No bias from you then? nice speech!

XabiTheHumble2820d ago

@tudor Can't form a proper response eh?

Philoctetes2820d ago

Excellent post. If KZ3 had launched without competitive multiplayer (what kind of FPS doesn't at least let you play deathmatch?) it would be getting ripped apart in reviews. Instead, Bulletstorm is getting 9s.

Clarence2820d ago

I remember when all these articles were coming out when Sony dropped Infamous. The 360 loyalist wanted prototype to win. It didn't happen. KZ3 will out shine bulletstorm. It will take a combine effort from the pc, 360, and PS3 to outsell KZ3. Oh and a gears 3 beta code. Majority of people are getting the game for that reason only.

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xer02820d ago

Cheers - you just saved me by not sending traffic to that bullshit article.

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IHateYouFanboys2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

"It should be interesting to see how many people are playing Bulletstorm vs. Killzone a couple of months from now."

honestly though, thats not really something you should be saying in Killzone 3s favour based on Killzone 2s miniscule daily player count. players dropped Killzone 2s online like a sack of $hit within months, quickly dropping down to less than 10k unique players a day.

will Killzone 3 be different? im hoping so, as the only reasons i stopped playing Killzone 2 online were the input lag and the rocket spamming, both of which have been removed for Killzone 3.

after playing both the single player demos, i had more fun with Bulletstorm and it was graphically more impressive to me. higher resolution textures, more realistic lighting, and i prefer its art style. not saying Killzone 3 looks bad, but it just wasnt that impressive given its years since Killzone 2 and it really hasnt improved that much graphically.

Bulletstorm is a throwback to the old days of shooters, which most people on here werent around for, so they dont appreciate what its doing. i on the other hand absolutely love what theyve done.

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The Meerkat2820d ago

I just can't get excited by Bulletstorm.

byeGollum2820d ago

lol I'm with you.. I tried the demo.. I'm tryin' my best to see what's "original" about bulletstorm lol

SnakeMustDie2820d ago

Bulletstorm is actually pretty good on the first playthough but it can get old pretty fast. The skill shots are a fun gimmick but they should at least made them more fun to do frequently like Vanquish.

Raoh2820d ago top ten for reference

1. Killzone 3 (PS3)
2. Bulletstorm (360)
3. Just Dance (Wii)
5. Pokeman (W) (DS)
6. Pokeman (B) (DS)
7. Black Ops (360)
8. MJ Experience (Wii)
9. SM All-Stars (Wii)
10. Black Ops (PS3)

despair2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Notice that only the 360 version is on the Amazon top ten, its pretty easy to realise that PS3 owners are purchasing KZ3 while X360 Bulletstorm, both seem like very good games for very different reasons and both are coming with a highly anticipated Beta for exclusive titles.

Very interesting when you think about its not exactly something I consider a competition. I wonder what it would be like if KZ3 was also on X360, how Bulletstorm would've fared then(just from curiosity).

Highlife2820d ago

are you serious? Who cares were they rank. Why do people root for sales. I understand that they help drive future games but come on. I prefer killzone others may not and that's fine. I don't care if bulletstorm outsells killzone or vice versa. They are games just enjoy them.

despair2820d ago

its just interest, its not like I'm saying "hahaha Just dance is better than LBP GOTY", I mean why must everything be either fanboy or not, sometimes curiosity on sales is just curiosity.

Its not about claiming one game sells better and thus its the better game its about figuring out why people buy what they buy and what motivates them to do so, at least for me, you don't see me using sales as an argument in any game related matter.

Highlife2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

My comment wasn't directed towards you. It is @Roah.

Your point is very valid and I do agree with you on that. While I don't know his true intent of his post most people on this site (not all) only use that info to troll or go on about sales and other crap. I could have jumped the gun on that. Maybe this site is just getting to me. AHHH

Raoh2819d ago

lol relax.. someone else was smart enough to catch it and made a fair comment...

it shows where the gamers lean.. amazon is not the end all be all but its up there as a metric system alongside metacritic etc..

like someone mentioned.. its obvious the ps3 owners are buying k3 and 360 owners are buying bulletstorm..

if you go into the top 20 or higher you'll see some kinect, ps3 goty titles.. point is that its actually bad for bulletstorm.. yeah you want to compete and xbox wants to show that it sells more third party.. but your going against an exclusive and a good majority of the ps3 players are hooked on killzone.. some may never know how great bulletstorm is..

i hope it was worth it for epic to release on the same day.. then again, could the 360 crowd really have flocked to it if the ps3 didnt have killzone?

StarScream4Ever2820d ago

Whoa! LBP is still selling! :O

Kon2820d ago

Two different shooters. But bulletstorm style seems more fun for me.

Heavy_Rain2820d ago

Of course it would since you dont have a ps3 :)

Kon2820d ago

And? This stops me from playing KZ3? I played it in a friends house, and BS style seems more fun to me.

LiL T2820d ago

@Kon...."and BS style seems more fun to me." I think people know your all about BS

iistuii2820d ago

Got a Ps3, and I prefer BS. Why people are getting upset because it's getting a very slightly better review score, when they can play it anyway is beyond me. Typical Sony ONLY cry babies.

Der_Kommandant2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )


You must be 13 years old

cochise3132820d ago

That's cause you don't have a ps3, so of course you'll like bulletstorm more. You've never touched KZ a day in your life.

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