8 Reasons why Battlefield 3 will best the likes of Call of Duty

Last year there was a lot of hype surrounding the sequel to the 2008 game Battlefield Bad Company. Fortunately for DICE, Bad Company 2 not only lived the hype but managed to surpassed it. Now with Battlefield 3 looming in to the distance its time to take a look at 8 reasons why you need to play the game when it releases later this year on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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awiseman2821d ago

Reason 1 -2 zillion: "Its not COD"


wwm0nkey2821d ago

Lets see, because DICE has spent 3 years working on this game where as a new CoD is pumped out every year and probably only worked on for about 6 months with shitty QA testing.

DICE actually cares about their series and LOVES to make these games and it shows in the product, if the devs don't care it shows in their product and man it has been showing in CoD for awhile now.

GodofSackboy2821d ago

BFBC2 came out in May. It's not 3 years.

I'm not hating on the game cuz I really want it as well, I'm just saying

wwm0nkey2821d ago

Im talking about Battlefield 3, they have been working on it for the past 3 years. They have a large team and its not odd for a studio to develop 2 games at once. For example Bungie started developing their new IP while working on Reach.

Szarky2821d ago

Just hit 200 hours last night in BC2. What a great game.

MrCrimson2821d ago

This article lacks evidence and substance, why write it?...You told us nothing. You want to write an article about BF3 you best look at what BF2 brought to the table when it was released not look at the arcade BFBC2 which this game will be nothing like.

gcolley2821d ago

it will be very similar to BFBC2. this is why we play it. this is why i moved from BF2 to BC1. very similar gameplay for all but the elitist PC gamer. we are not talking about sceptics here, we are talking debunkers who have made up their mind before even playing the games.
my mate is one of them, now he happily accepts BFBC2 is a blast, but it took some convincing before he would even bother playing it. his problem was reading BS forums as he never had a 360 to play number BC1.

Gran Touring2820d ago

no, it won't be similar to BC2, it will be more like BF2 if anything. The scope of BF3 is large-scale battles that don't focus on single skirmish areas. Don't think it'll be BC2 with 64 players, it'll be something completely different to that