GiantBomb: Killzone 3 Review

GiantBomb writes "Killzone 3 delivers an experience that's a little too similar to its predecessor in spots, but it still has plenty explosive moments to see both online and off."

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Christopher2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

I have a growing respect with the people over at GiantBomb. I don't always agree with their score, but they make up for explaining their opinions pretty well in their reviews.

Edit: It should be noted that GiantBomb doesn't do half star reviews. Meaning, a 4/5 star game could be anywhere between 4 and 4.8. For GiantBomg, any game that scores 4 or higher is a game they suggest everyone play.

SasanovaS19872793d ago

wonder what they said about every halo and call of duty game. and how it isnt like their predecessors

Christopher2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

Gertsman did the reviews for CoDBO and Halo: Reach. He gave a 4/5 to both of those games as well.

Perhaps what people should be noting here is that KZ3 is measuring up to the acclaim of the two other most popular FPS out there. Sure, for many it is better, but the same can be said of how people feel about the other games. And this is only the third KZ game, while both of the other games have had a lot more practice at making them better.

BattleAxe2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Lets not forget that Gertsman did the terrible Ratchet and Clank review when he was over at Gamespot. This guy is not a respectable reviewer, and its funny how people seem to think that he's a great guy and good reviewer just because he got fired from Gamespot. Anyone who gets featured on "The Bonus Round" is a fanboy or a complete tool, thats why Gertsman, Patchter, Geof Keighley and Brian Crecente are on there.

Christopher2793d ago

Oh, sure, I accidentally have a typo in my edit and now I can't go back and edit the typo :p

TheBlackSmoke2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

Yeah their reviews are always well written and they take their time to make sure they are thorough instead of rushing out to be first.

Its sucks really that they adopted the 5 star scale as I feel a lot of games they review clearly fit in to the 7 and 9 out of 10 scores very well.

IMHO, An 8 sells KZ3 short, for all the content that it offers and the obvious effort that has been put in to every aspect, putting other developers like Cough# Treyarch, to shame. KZ3 may be more of the same but there is nothing like it anywhere else.

BloodyNapkin2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

"Too Similar", Really? Or maybe it should be exciting and fresh like the COD's or Halo's and even Gear's series. Considering those games are completly different each time a new one comes out, rolleyes.

What happend to just buidling on what you had before and deliver a better experience from the previous release. If you change the game to much or add to much stuff you are taking away from what the game is and it wont be Killzone or Halo or Gears anymore.

It is funny cause i bet if they lets say, took Killzone and made it 3rd person and and added vehicles and completly destructible enviroments and such. Then it would be just a Battlefield/Gears copy. Killzone is its own game, has its own feel and look like no other game. Why would you want to go and change that? And ruin exactly what makes Killzone, Killzone.

Christopher2793d ago

Actually, Gertsman said just that in the first paragraph of his review of CoDBO.

***Also, this is now the fourth game out of Activision that has used the same style of combat to power its campaign and multiplayer. The formula, as awesome as it can still be, is starting to wear thin.***

P_Bomb2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

Hmm. Can't agree with you there (re. growing respect).

Gertsmann gave MAG the same score he's giving KZ3. That's surprising in and of itself considering MAG's less than stellar production values, matchmaking/class issues and lack of a campaign all together. His recent review for DCUO was factually incorrect at times and a bit of a whine to read.

This review is no different, whining about Rico not being able to get to you at times to revive you rather than seeing it as a bonus that he ever even revives you at all. How many games have NPCs revive you in the campaign? I can't think of many apart from the odd RE5, yet this guy again finds a way to see the cup half empty instead of half full. It shouldn't cause more frustration as Gerstmann says because you shouldn't be dying that much in the first place if you play half decent and use the cover system once in a while. This ain't Demon's Souls.

awiseman2793d ago

Dont worry about replying to the ps3 fanboys man, they will flaim you no matter what. If the site did no giv KZ3 a perfect score, they are uncredible. Simple as that. Apparently Hip Hop Gamer (bad gaming journalist in my opinion) Is at the top of their list right now after giving KZ3 10/10 and stating that its graphics are unrivaled anywhere, even when Crysis, metro and countless other pc games surpassed it years ago...

Achemki2793d ago

Huh, what fanboys?! This thread is completely reasonable. Obviously the score ain't an issue so relax. I don't care for GiantBomb's reviews either, was just curious and I'm satisfied in my opinion. Not a fan of the 5/5 system or letter grades so I don't like AV Club either. Feel free to call me a fanboy too *facepalm*.

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Ace_19752793d ago

A little similar...Black Ops is the same as COD4 yet I never heard that mentioned in reviews. I wonder if Gertsman will say Gears 3 is similar to Gears 2 when he reviews it. I bet not.

SonyNGP2793d ago

Interesting review.

Just got my Helghast Edition. Suck it haters!

Ace_19752793d ago

I'm tired of reviewers finding bull**** reasons to nit pick this game . It's similar to Killzone 2 because its a sequel. It's not going to play like Mario Kart is it

Kon2793d ago

And yet people are complaining about an 4.

gillri2793d ago

lol, yeah fanboys are really a lame excuse for humanity