Killzone 3, the Definitive Sci-Fi Shooter Available Exclusively On the PS3

Killzone 3 raises the bar with new weapons, vehicles, and environments, including stereoscopic 3D and PlayStation Move compatibility. (Official Killzone 3 press release).

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gaffyh2796d ago

It's kinda annoying that the special edition people get double xp in the first 24 hours of gameplay. It should be double XP for everyone who buys the game in the first week, that way more people would buy the game at launch!

Rainstorm812796d ago

i have the game, and this may be nitpicking a little, but why did they remove Custom Soundtracks.....I loved killing some helgast or isa to my own music.....Battle of Heroes by John Williams goes so well to Killzone action.

gaffyh2796d ago

Maybe it slowed the game down or something? I dunno, I don't think they'd take it out for no reason. The beta was really good, much much better than KZ2 multiplayer imo.

30sec2796d ago

That is a little disappointing. I would play to Willie D's "Die Muthafucka Die Muthafucka Die".

Ninver2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Glad to say when i get KZ3 i won't need another FPS until R3 and BF3. It's the revenge of the sequels lol.

Rezka2796d ago

I liked having custom soundtracks also why remove it GG :(

jammydude2796d ago

Freeing up some power, maybe?

Mr Tretton2795d ago

I'm glad I've have things like a stereo and an ipod.

StitchJones2796d ago

What a stupid labeled article. Who would not know that Killzone 3 was PS3 only?

The-Tentacle2796d ago

I agree with the article.

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