GDC 2011 Preview: Ron Carmel

Edge: The Indie Fund founder on the successes and failures of the programme's first year.

This week, we've asked the speakers of some of the most promising sessions at next week's Game Developers Conference to write for us about their presentations. Today is the turn of Ron Carmel, who worked as a software engineer at several companies before joining EA in 2004, leaving the publisher two years later to co-found 2D Boy with fellow EA employee Kyle Gabler. The studio's first game, World Of Goo, won the 2008 Independent Games Festival, and last year 2D Boy joined forces with Critter Crunch developer Capybara Games and Flower creator thatgamecompany to start the Indie Fund.

Carmel will be joined by Capybara Games' Nathan Vella, thatgamecompany's Kellee Santiago and three mystery Developers.

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