Okami may appear in NGP!

Okami already confirmed for the Nintendo 3DS, but may eventually show up in the NGP, which besides the touch screen senssível has a large touch area behind the unit, what matters the creators of Okami too.

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pedrami912892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

Atsushi Inaba may be the producer of Okami, but nowhere is Okami hinted for the NGP.

It maybe a completely new game for all we know, Atsushi has worked on God Hand, Vanquish, Viewtiful Joe, Mad World, Ifinite Space and their newest game Anarchy Reigns.

kite222892d ago

it would fail on the psp with the 2 anolog sticks gamers r only gona pay mind to shoots its a shame really

ShinFuYux2891d ago

Okami was a boring game. I didn't even bother to finish it on my ps2....

blackburn52883d ago

@ ShinFuYux that is blasphemy good sir. Okami was so NOT boring. It was a jewel on the crown that was the PS2. I deserved as many sequels as Zelda did. I hope Okami gets made on the NGP. One more reason to get it.