Are Console Beta’s A Waste Of Time?

360 Magazine: Are they a tool for developers or advertisers?

Bulletstorm is released this week and as is usually the case with these things, there’s more than one version. The major difference being, the slightly beefier Epic Edition comes complete with access to Gears Of War 3′s multiplayer Beta, scheduled to take place sometime later in the year.

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SlipperyMooseCakes2820d ago

I did and the article was kind of bland. It really just asks the question and the only thing they have to back it up is they wonder if companies use it only took interest in games far off. Of course this is part of the reason but the betas have been proven to help make the game better at launch. Gears especially could benefit highly from it.

guigsy2820d ago

Whether they use them for bug fixes or an a marketing ploy, I certainly wouldn't say they are a waste of time.

"Firstly, we wonder how EA feels about Epic using Bulletstorm to promote its own (separate) series"

Like EA has a problem with something that will help sell more copies of their game.

ABizzel12820d ago

Yes and no.

Yes because the game still launches with bugs, connection issues, and overfilled servers. This is suppose to be fixed during the beta.

No, because it's practically a multiplayer demo.

tdrules2820d ago

Wasn't the Medal of Honor one a proper beta, considering it was broken as fuck on the first day.
but then again it was by the end of it too, same with MAG Beta, from GAP Exclusive to Open Beta it was still broken...

mn212820d ago

black ops says no, they aren't a waste of time.
betas are used for both advertising and for player input on balancing and bugs.

r1sh122820d ago

youre right.
beta's are for extra hype in a game and to help find bugs.
On the flip side - Look at Blur, they ran out of beta codes so they opened the beta and not many people bought the game.
The final game was very buggy until it was patched (I sold my game before any patches came out)

Dailynch2820d ago

It's a balance I suppose. I just can't help but feel that they work better as adverts than they do tools for developers. I'm quite happy to admit that in some cases they are crucial too though, and I could also be totally wrong. I've not ruled that out!

JJMeH2820d ago

Not to mention they also seem to be the major attraction for lower quality games from the same developers/publishers. Bundle in a beta token and sell more games to people who probably wouldn't have bought them before.

Urmomlol2820d ago

What idiot would write such a poorly thought out article?

*looks at source*

Oh, well that figures.

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The story is too old to be commented.