Teen won't be disciplined for skipping class for Halo 3... and caught on TV

A high school student who appeared on television meeting Bill Gates after waiting in line for Halo 3 won't be disciplined for skipping class, Issaquah school officials told KIRO 7 Eyewitness News.

Ritesh David was shown buying the first copy of Halo 3 at a Bellevue Best Buy store and shaking hands with Bill Gates early Tuesday morning. Gates autographed David's copy of the new game for Microsoft's Xbox console.

A note from David's parents claimed he was "ill" that day, officials with the Issaquah School District said.

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Dudeson424043d ago

I'm sorry but that's just awesome. Skip school, with your parents permission, get the 1st copy of the biggest game of the year, and get Bill Gates' autograph to boot! Talk about an awesome day.

ISay4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )


Bolts4043d ago

Thats awesome in your book? Damn, it's not like he got a blow job from Jessica Alba or anything. And how much is Bill Gates autograph worth...nothing?

San anto4043d ago

a nerds dreeam day indeed

Interpol Agent4043d ago

its obvious he wasn't sick. if you are sick how can you play video games.

ktchong4043d ago

If he didn't get Halo 3, he'd be really depressed and get sick. So, in the best interest of his health, his parents let him go line up for Halo 3. It's called preventive care.

ErcsYou4043d ago

i wonder if bill gates has ever heard of a shower and hairbrush?? i think he was wearing a members only jacket...i laughed my a$$ off at the halo fans are some goofy lookin mo fo'

Farsendor14043d ago

nice any true gamer would love that.

fopums4043d ago

how come the korean MC outfit and the guy who humped PS3's look like.......a million x better than that one? hardly looks like MC, even the Halo:CE version.

think ol money bags could have splurged a little for this one....

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