Sony Scuppers Talk of Downscaled PS3

On Tuesday CVG cited "several" unnamed sources at retailers and publishers saying that Sony is planning to release a cut-down PlayStation 3 at the discounted price of £299.

CVG says the rumoured console will have no USB ports, will not support backwards compatibility and would come with a 40 GB hard drive. No release date was mentioned.

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nasim4137d ago

why would SONY exclude the USB altogether and the BC compatibility . Those features are just worth 20$.

I think the console could have 1 USB port (sufficient ) and BC .

pwnsause4137d ago

its obvious that these rumors are BS. removing the USB ports from the PS3 is like saying, ok no PS eye for you, or you cant charge you controllers anymore.

Omegasyde4136d ago

thats why they made this stupid article(no usb?). Sites need hits for advertisement and bills. The Next big thing is the budget PS3 that can be purchased with foodstamps.

zantetsuken4137d ago

How in the hell would you charge the controller? They can't assume everyone has a PC to use.

sonarus4137d ago

no usb ports is bull. even ps2 has usb ports

Rockstar4137d ago

I'm guessing they meant no card readers as opposed to USB ports.
And no BC simply means that BC will be through software emulation.

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The story is too old to be commented.