Top 10 Tuesday - Worst Use of F****** Swearing

@XG247: Bulletstorm hits the shelves today (Stateside – Friday in Europe) and as everyone knows it’s gonna be as full of bad language as a platoon of particularly pissed off privates. Expect the F-Bomb. Really fucking frequently. So, as such we thought it would be fitting for this week’s Top 10 Tuesday to revolve around the use of swearing in mother fucking video games.

It’s a controversial subject, some pricks love foul-mouthed protagonists, other twats fucking hate it. Developers use swearing to make their character seem more gritty or edgy but the reality is most of the time the characters end up effing and blinding to the point that they’ve become a caricature of what they are and everything they were supposed to represent… Fuck.

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Rainstorm812797d ago

Bulletstorm is riddle with curse times it goes to far and its just out of context...

Ok game thought, love the trick shots

Ace_19752797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

A lot of people use curse words because they lack intelligence and cannot think of the proper words for a given situation. So they say something like fuck in every sentence. I hear it all the time in pubs and bars which is why I'm giving up going to these places, full of retards.

If a game uses it to much it shows it can't get by on its strengths and needs to use cheap tactics to draw in the COD crowd who think swearing is cool. Game is shit so chuck in over the top gore or a bunch of curse words. It's the last throw of the dice for a shit game.

Nintendo don't need to put FUCK into Zelda games, do they now.

waltyftm2797d ago

A lot of people use curse words because they lack intelligence and cannot think of the proper words for a given situation

lol, You used a few.

Rainstorm812797d ago

i think if used right curse words can show the emotion of a situation and how strongly a person or character feels at a given moment, but when every other word is Fu*k this, Fu*k that, then it just gets comical

Kurt Russell2796d ago

Swearing is a completely legitimate way to get a point across or to add humour to a situation. It doesn't mean you lack intelligence in the slightest, in fact an educated person would recognise this.

The world has gone a long way from the "swearing is bad" days... intonation and context are what offends.

Grow up and get over it.

jagstatboy2796d ago

I've stopped buying games that go over the top with eff words. K2 was especially egregious, glad they toned it down with K3.