Nomura: Using the PlayStation 3 hardware all visions can come true

We all know the fact that Famitsu likes to interview Nomura, and this week is no different: The magazine has conducted an interview with him, but unfortunately we did not get any new details. Here is a short sum-up:

· Nomura was never involved in the creation of any Final Fantasy title as deeply he is right now, and he likes the fact he can take Final Fantasy Versus XIII where he wants it to be.

· Nomura says the PlayStation 3 hardware plays a huge part in the development of both projects, and by using it "all visions can come true". He says that visual-wise both Final Fantasy XIII and Versus XIII are superior from any former title in the franchise, and they are "close to perfection".

· As in any interview, Nomura was asked about the game's exclusivity. This time he mentioned that the TGS 2007 trailers had the writing "for PlayStation 3 ONLY". He says it's an advantage for one team to concentrate on one console, even if some fans are disappointed.

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Bonsai12144043d ago

no crap.. it better look better than any previous game in the franchise.

second off, console exclusive games are almost always better than multiplatform games for the sole reason that they can optimize the game engine for that system.

nasim4043d ago

FF13 will be the top selling game of this generation.

I predict something between 15--20m .


FF13 will display PS3's true supercomputing abilities

ElementX4043d ago

I don't want a supercomputer. I want a gaming console. I don't care how fast it folds at home or any other crap. I want to see games that blow me away.

SofaKingReetodded4043d ago

to play games that "blow you away" genius, you're not the sharpest pencil in the box are ya??

typical of all xbots id say.

tatotiburon4043d ago

jajaj wee all know about nasim's predictions

ngg123454043d ago

Bioshock, Oblivion, Half life 2, RE4, and many other multiplat games have been goty, and are considered the greatest games of all time.

Bonsai12144043d ago

i don't really consider 360 x PC multiplatform. someone may flame me for this, but generally, if you make the game on one, you can get it to the other quite easily.

SofaKingReetodded4043d ago

subconsciously suppress the truth we all see with our own eyes because the power of the xbot spin machine ostracizes people for stating their honest opinion. The PS3 leaves the 360 in the DUST when it comes to computing power. Xbots that spew ignorant crap about how they want a machine the plays games and doesn't fold only show those of us who know better how truly sad and willfully dumb they can really be. Guess what junior Einsteins, at the machine level IT IS ALL 1 and 0's, the processor doesn't care if it's [email protected] or playing puzzle fighter(an addicting game btw), IT IS ALL 1's and 0's being pushed around. How well it does that ALL DEPENDS on the person orchestrating the performance. THIS IS WHY WE RAG ON DEVS LIKE EA.

most are only now starting to realize that the Cell will force the development industry to come up with new programming techniques as the conventional methods are clearly not cutting it.

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btkadams4043d ago

lame interview. all his statements are completely obvious

Sonics0204043d ago

This game looks incredible I cannot wait for this game. The graphics are sick and this game is gonna be AAA and be a huge weapon for Sony.

Violater4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

none of us have seen actual gameplay.
Only pics of CG trailers.
Lets all just wait till E3.

Where is your sense of reason.
Not to long they reported finally having the white engine running satisfactorily on the PS3 hardware.

We all want to believe but please don't let it get the better of you

Bonsai12144043d ago

the e3 '06 trailer was almost all real time except when she jumped onto the train at the end. confirmed by the producer and director.

whats more impressive is the part where she's walking through the forest, because thats real time as well.

Mu5afir4043d ago

E3 06 trailer was almost all in real time, and that was only a pre-alpha build. xD

Trick Nolte4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

You seen in-game graphics or cut scenes? I seen "A" scan of FF13 from like last year. I have been seaching high and low for more but couldnt find any. However, even without seeing any other pics, I'm sure FF13 will rock the world!

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fopums4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

if he means near perfection as in close to advent children quaility and hits GG terms of visual presentation...then FFXIII and versus are going to blow RPG's in general out of the water, Im sure he isnt just going for a next gen improvement but somthing more all together.

cant wait til 09 xD

edit: DAMNIT! you got me lol, bubble +

pwnsause4043d ago


FFXIII: will blow RPGS out of the water

FFversusXIII: will blow 3rd person action out of the sky!!!!

Darkiewonder4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

Maybe one day we'll get a new trailer that will show REAL Gameplay. But what are the chances of that?

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