Sony Dislikes Console Exclusive Titles

Sony as you know has a strong line up of Playstation 3 exclusive series such as Killzone, LittleBigPlanet and Infamous, recently they have now been critizing platform exclusiveness and has “warned” that it limits the games’ marketing potential.

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third party exclusives...change the title

sinncross2797d ago

Actually to put their comments into perspective... they basically don't want to shell out lots of money for an exclusive when they could

1) Spend less money to secure exclusive DLC (Baman, RDR, AC:BH)
2) Use their money for their own first party studios.

It has the added benefit for 3rd party devs as their games are still multiplatform, but some extra content for 1 version won't be a problem.

tehpees32796d ago

Thats smart. It means they can focus on their own titles whereas M$ is running short.

Third party titles will come to PS3 anyway lol

malandra2796d ago

maybe this is meant as a response to the Resident Evil 6 timed exclusivity rumours

gaffyh2796d ago

Such a stupid article. They meant that it is better for 3rd party developers, because they don't want to force a company to make a game exclusive in that sense, because it limits their market. But at the same time, it means they can pay for exclusive content, which keeps both the developers and Sony happy.

sikbeta2796d ago

"Sony Dislikes [Third Party] Console Exclusive Titles"

Fixed :P and it's no like Sony "dislike" Third Party Exclusives, just use the money for First Party Games...

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MrBeatdown2796d ago

Is it really that hard for the reader to figure out on their own?

vsr2795d ago

But 3rd party likes Sony,

Yakuza / Agent / FF versus 13 / MGS 4

And SO MANY PS1 PS2 Games !!!! ....... etc

blumatt2796d ago

Exactly what I was gonna say. They were referring to third party exclusives. Of course, that's a bit ironic too since the PS3 has a few of those coming too. haha

SnakeMustDie2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

Sony hates MGS4?

Anyway, I prefer exclusive games over exclusive DLC because having the latter will alienate the other console's fanbase.

Tommykrem2796d ago

They didn't pay for MGS4 so no. Also, the title can be a bit misleading.

Kon2796d ago

Well, just make every exclusive game multiplat and we're done.

nycrekid2796d ago

Just buy a Ps3 and your are done. Much easier than developing 15 games a year on two different platforms.

Kon2796d ago

I was kidding, i know that making multiplat games is harder than exclusive ones.

Zinc2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Actually, just put a $120.00 graphics card in your desktop PC and you're golden. No limits, no excuses, maximum fun and maximum profit for developers because they are not subsidizing the hardware via licensing from the big 3.

badz1492796d ago

err...that doesn't solve the problem that you still need a PS3 to play PS3 exclusives! they don't come to PC EVER! some 360 exclusives too. so, what's your point?

Zinc2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Well badz149, my point is that if we didn't have consoles, this subject wouldn't even exist. However, others would probably come to take their place... like OS wars and so on.

Picture it badz149... No special licensing... lowered costs per game... costs of computer equipment very affordabled... more games being made for an open platform...

More choice.

More freedom.

More fun.

More money being made for developers.

Developers don't have to rely on publishers as much as they do.

A video game renaissance is born.

A dream? Perhaps... but, a beautiful one.

DaTruth2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

As long as Sony keeps making games like they have been, I could really care less if they make a console!

I don't play consoles, I play games! I could get a better PC and just upgrade every five years like usual!

Somehow, I know it will hurt the market though, so the status quo should continue!

badz1492796d ago

I get your vision and it's good that you're accepting it as a dream. but let's look at it from another perspective

"More choice." - with only PC as the only platform? that's LESS choice than what we currently have! now, people who are comfortable with kb+m can game on PC, those who want it simple and stick with controllers can game on consoles and those who just game casually can stick to the DS or phones. everybody wins! granted that there'll be platform exclusive games, but that's not up to us gamers to decide but to follow the platform with games we want.

"More freedom." - not exactly. there's no freedom if you're being limited to just 1 platform IMO!

"More fun." - this is highly opinion. based on what you enjoy the most and everybody has different taste, FUN is not something that can be generalized.

"More money being made for developers." - no guarantee for this as if PC is the only platform available, competition will be fierce as well and things will never be the same.

"Developers don't have to rely on publishers as much as they do." - maybe it's hard to digest this fact but many studios available currently are 'alive' because of the publishers having their back and some even diminished not because of publishers axing them out, it's just because of their own incompetency.

"A video game renaissance is born." - I don't know about that as renaissance was launched because of the restrictions put on people during that time but now, the gaming market is as crowded as ever. I don't think any renaissance is needed but maybe we could do with some new fresh ideas.

long comment, sorry but just want to share my view

Zinc2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Badz149 - It's cool man, I don't mind a long comment, I make plenty myself. I understand where you are coming from and enjoyed your comment.

I want to add that a computer is an all-in-one solution. If you want to game using other input methods and control schemes, there is no limit to what you can do with a computer. It accepts pretty much everything. But, a closed system with forever be static and that is the curse of all closed platforms that have strict control placed on them.

I think there is a viable reason to have handhelds and don't think of it as an all or nothing proposition. I think both can exist, because you can't take a desktop with you on a road trip or the train. However, who knows what the future might hold?

Developers rely on publishers, like coke heads rely on their dealers... that is all I will say about that.

Having one stationary platform like the computer, would open up so much more innovation and opportunity for not just the developers, but the end consumer.

I think the state of the industry has created an upwelling of indie development and that is largely fostered by the pc gaming community. That is a true renaissance created by the weight of the system in place, that same system that trends toward stifling innovation in favor of tried and true formula.

Remember... all things start with a dream. Reality has to begin somewhere.

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Aarix2795d ago

19 Disagrees? God damn cant you fanboys take a joke?

Raven_Nomad2796d ago

3rd party Exclusives are pretty close to being at an end anyway.
Most people by now can own all three consoles pretty cheaply and exclusive means jack squat to you like it does me anyway.

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