Eurogamer: inFamous 2 Hands On

Every now and then, Hollywood has a spasm and churns out pairs of movies about the same thing. Giant space rocks provided the drama for both Deep Impact and Armageddon. Lava threatened famous faces in Dante's Peak and Volcano. Magicians got all huffy in The Illusionist and The Prestige.

Gaming experienced its own version of this phenomenon in 2009, when both Sony's inFamous and Activision's Prototype posed the important question: what would happen if an obnoxious wanker got superpowers? With Prototype 2 still conspicuous by its absence, only inFamous star Cole McGrath may be around to answer that question a second time.

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thereapersson2796d ago

I'm disappointed that they still haven't nailed the animations and trigger points of the free-running / climbing, but it sounds like they have pretty much tightened up every other aspect of the game. I can't wait until this drops! I still have to complete the first one, so hopefully I can do that and at least get halfway through the trophy set by the time InFamous 2 is out.


its eurogamer

judging from their past do you really trust what they say on ps3 exclusives?

they gave infamous 1 the same score as the absolutely appalling prototype

thereapersson2796d ago

Eurogamer still holds relevancy in my eyes, despite their seemingly unbalanced past reviews. They are also home to Digital Foundry, which has been very helpful in determining the technical proficiency of a game (way more so than that joke of a website Lens of Truth).

I'm prone to scrutinizing Eurogamer reviews more carefully these days, but at least they are better than EDGE in that regard.

ComboBreaker2796d ago

Their hatred for the PS3 will never end.

nickjkl2794d ago

its just one persons opinion doesnt really matter

one person can say they hate a game and another can say they love a game but whos more right

Charazani2796d ago

Hmmm, the idea of good/evil actions not really changing the way a mission plays is a bit unsettling. It may have been that mission in particular, but I hope the final products provides two separate and distinct experiences. They've already confirmed the game has 2 different endings, so I have hope.

Masterchef20072796d ago

Why do people keep comparing this to prototype they are 2 completly different games. The only thing they have similar is the open world city aspect but thats it. Anyways i think that infamous will be better than prototype.

Cenobia2796d ago

The author also doesn't seem to realize that Prototype 2 has already been announced.

xtremegamerage2796d ago

I'd call Eurogamer a mixed bag.

Eurogamer scores are.

Reviews - 7
Bias - 8
BS - 10

I've noticed from a few sites now(i'm a freaking pc gamer) who uses a PS3 as well) that alot of these sites nitpick every single PS3 game to shreds.

Strange but true.

sorceror1712796d ago

The one single biggest improvement SP could do is make holding the circle button prevent Cole from sticking to anything (besides the ground). That'd smooth out navigation considerably, and prevent 'unwanted adhesion', like landing on wires instead of the top of a truck.