Lens of Truth: Killzone 3 Multiplayer Montage Video and HD Screenshot Gallery (720p)

LOT Writes "Hello everyone and welcome back for another First Look! In this First Look we got early access to the full retail version of Killzone 3, and we were really eager to see what Guerrilla Games' level designers have in store for us. Come inside to see if they created another multiplayer masterpiece our just another cookie cutter FPS."

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RudeSole Devil2799d ago

I can't believe how good this looks.

just_the_tip2799d ago

Looks good but Crysis 2 on the PC looked better. Saw some screen the other day that blew this away..

RudeSole Devil2799d ago

Judging by those screens I don't think so.

Redman222799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )


Jesus Christ that looks phenomenal. KZ3 all day and all night starting tomorrow at 3pm. I'm taking the day off from work just for KZ3. :D


ok well no one here cares but, uh, thanks?

Tempjf2799d ago

uh, yeah tip. Whatever gets you to sleep at night.

morganfell2799d ago

It does look fantastic...but you do not need to give lens of lies any hits in order to determine this fact. They must think PS3 gamers have a very short memory. Google has plenty of images.

And as has been shown the inaccurate analysis at lol is something gamers can do without.

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xAlmostPro2799d ago

It does look fantastic.

However the guy playing is awful lol kept walking into walls with his obviously too low sensitivity.

Joe Bomb2799d ago

Wow, looks incredible, can't wait until tomorrow.

hackersdelight2799d ago

i really want to see it in 3d. any word on how thats looking

just_the_tip2799d ago

What you mean looks 3D.. LOL

hackersdelight2799d ago

actually i heard it looks worse in 3d but ill see tomorrow. looks sick though.

Shogun Master2799d ago

Your TV has to be 240 hertz.

hackersdelight2799d ago

Thanks, I should be okay then.

Redman222799d ago

Jimmy seems to be impressed by the 3D quality so I think you're good.

Sea_Man2799d ago

From what I've played with the beta the MP is a much smoother experience then K2. The colors really come to life too, can't wait to pick up my copy!

thief2799d ago

I miss the gritty colours of KZ2. I still remember the dark, brooding environments of salamun and Blood gracht, thats waht made KZ2 so unique. I guess most gamers wanted it to change though, and I am happy the online is still a lot of fun.

humbleopinion2799d ago

I was also afraid about it at first: I really love games like Killzone 2 and Gears for their gritty look, and was afraid at first when I heard that the third iterations of both games will aim for a more "colorful" happy look with varied environments.
But upon watching the videos and screenshots it's pretty obvious that everything still screams KILLZONE. Even the Jungle level doesn't really look like our conception of Jungles - but instead have the unique gray-ish and lifeless Helgan look to it.
There's almost no chance that I will see screenshots from this game and mistake them for another game, so I think KZ3 still retains its uniqueness.

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