Get Alan Wake Ridiculously Cheap

There’s no word on how long this is going to last, and the price keeps fluctuating from $1.74 to about five bucks, but a third party Amazon seller is offering full game download cards for Alan Wake. The catch? Well, the code isn’t emailed, it’s shipped out, and the cost of shipping is going to bring the final cost up to around $10. Still, it’s a pretty sweet deal if you hate game boxes and like really atmospheric video games. I’ve only played a little bit of Alan Wake myself, but from what I played this is the perfect remedy to any post-Dead Space 2 horror kicks you may be experiencing.

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TheSanchezDavid2793d ago

And me without an Xbox 360. Blast!

athmaus2792d ago

Hmmm i needa get this game!

RogueCheddar2786d ago

I don't have a big enough hard drive. God I need to upgrade