Sexuality in Gaming

The Sixth Axis: It should be clear by now that videogaming can only take a small division of the blame for how women are portrayed within the media. Examples in videogames can be picked out from a variety of titles, including Grand Theft Auto 4, God of War 3 and the obvious choice, Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust. It’s worth a mention that the trailer for the upcoming Duke Nukem isn’t without its fair share of nudity either. It could all be perceived as harmless fun but when reputable commentators are getting the boot for a splattering of sexist comments, you have to question the media’s right to continue with its current portrayal of women.

You might think I’m being captious but with the videogaming industry continuing to reach out into living rooms across the globe, shameless and sexist portrayals of women make the industry look cheap and distasteful. And with the ever increasing amounts of bad press that the videogaming industry already seems to receive, it would do well to lead both film and music into an age where sexuality is no longer an issue.

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