Bulletstorm Easter egg jabs at Xbox 360 hardware failure []

Epic and PCF's latest game Bulletstorm is full of gore, foul language, and more than a few easter eggs. In fact, the very beginning of the game features a small joke geared toward Microsoft's million-dollar headache.

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Kalowest2794d ago

Thats a funny easter egg.

ChristianGamer2794d ago

Lol truly is. Good thing it is aimed at a group with a sense of humour. No mass protests and petitions or boycotts will ensue from this

NukaCola2794d ago

it's funny, but must you squeeze your trolling additude into every one of your comments?

Obama2794d ago

The same group is donating money to geohot even though almost all of them don't have a ps3. Funny.

Biggest2794d ago

Is there an easter egg in there with a damned review? How can they have a midnight launch for a game and no one knows anything about it? Only ten minutes left, by the way!

MaxXAttaxX2793d ago

Wonder if this game for "trolling" LOL

Question is, what will we see in the PS3 version?

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g0green2793d ago

obama i dont know where youre getting your facts from, but i can almost gurantee you that most 360 owners couldnt give 2 shits about geohot, and any donations he receives is probably money that has been illegally obtained by the same hacking crowd he is apart of

ssj2gohan832794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

The funny thing about this egg. Is that some "people" will take offense. And then I laugh at them.

It is really sad that these people see an attack on there console of choice as an attack on them, and that confuses the living hell out of me. Maybe I'm just putting too much thought into it.

radphil2794d ago

No, you pretty much got it right. They take things like common sense, and throw it out the window. :p

DelbertGrady2794d ago

That's hilarious! I hope there's more of those throughout the game. If not Duke Nukem is bound to have its share.

R2D22794d ago

I LMAO and also hope we get more of those. I love games that make you laugh while you shooting some one in the nuts.

zootang2793d ago

You have to laugh because otherwise you two would cry. Classic.

RockmanII72794d ago

That is pretty funny, kinda surprised he didn't have to put a towel around it and let it run for an hour.

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The story is too old to be commented.