RPG Clichés: How To Write An RPG

It's said that when we truly love someone, we love them not in spite of their flaws, but because of them, and this is also true for RPGs. As far as genre preferences go, I enjoy jumping around from platform to platform with a giant gun as much as the next guy, and being able to find guns and pipe bombs just lying around for the taking is great.

But sometimes I want the simple satisfaction of picking a warhammer off a fresh demon corpse. I want to upgrade my weapons, imbue my armor with poison resistance and drink a potion with my buddies. However, it's a vicious cycle. When I really get into an RPG, it's not a casual relationship. It's one of those crazy, obsessive flings that has an expiration date on it from day one. And like any doomed romance, if one spends too much time in it, one cannot help but notice some recurring elements that tend to get old after a while. Here are some time-honored storytelling cliches that RPG fans tolerate again and again in order to get that level up fix. Just pick 3-4 of these, add a villain and some monsters, and you've got yourself a game.

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