Supporting Hotz: A Theif's Defense Fund

A piece highlighting the reasons NOT to support Hotz in his legal battle.

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siliticx2822d ago

1. That site gives a phishing filter alter on Chrome.
2. Here's a piece on why you should support him :

Also, message to anyone that says that hots is a <insert name> and needs to <insult here> needs to check their fact. The guy actually took a stance against backups.

Thanks, this was proabably my last post with more than 1 bubble.

yewles12822d ago

"The guy actually took a stance against backups."

Saying one thing, and then doing a 180 and allowing EVERYONE to do what he was "against", and LET'S NOT forget about his emulators...

MichaelJ3252822d ago

All issues on the site are fixed. Thanks for the heads up siliticx.

DanielRCampbell2822d ago

Saying one thing and then showing active support for it is called being a hypocrite. It's like saying you don't support theft, but you are more than willing to supply criminals with guns.

GSpartan7772822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

While we are on the topic of supporting, if you guys want to donate to something productive donate to

Child's Play Charity - http://www.childsplaycharit...

Indie developers at Kickstarter -

or 8-bit funding -

Your money is better off there. If it's allowto advertise personal donations for hackers on N4G than there should be no problem supporting donation for Charity and Indie developers.

DanielRCampbell2822d ago

Agreed. Any time is a good time to donate to child's play. Thank you for the links. :-)