Minecraft Imitator Hitting Xbox Live Indie Arcade In March

DamnLag - "Well, since we’ve got a Minecraft groove going at the moment, I figure this is as good a time as any to mention FortressCraft. What is it? Well, it’s basically Minecraft with better graphics, texturing and lighting. And for the Xbox 360, no less. Though, the creator claims it’s going to be 'Minecraft meets DwarfFortress meets TransportTycoon meets DungeonKeeper.'"

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giantchicken2821d ago

Using the avatars is a nice touch, but I smell a lawsuit coming on.

thrasherv32821d ago


The only way he could be sued is copyright infringement. And he is not infringing anyone's copyright.

Kran2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

You see that little note at the bottom of the menu screen? Do not Distribute?

Well this is EXACTLY what it meant.

And OK. You came up with a BRILLIANT idea for a game. You used it. You made the game. You get lots of money.

Somebody takes that very same idea but "slightly" changes it (e.g. bringing it to an Xbox 360). The person who stole your idea gets money. And you get nothing. Not even a credit mention. Now i dont know about you but I would feel a little p***ed off with that.

hassi942821d ago


Yeah but this is not the same code or engine or anything. So he hasn't distributed anything.

Kran2821d ago

Having the same code or not, the game is still tonnes like minecraft, bar the graphics (which thats why theres mods. To make the PC version of Minecraft HD)

Once the game is released, it will have been distributed.

There is a copyright rule when a game cannot look a certain % like another game. And this game pretty much breaks that rule.

dragonelite2821d ago

@kran you a law special with that kind of logic most games wouldn't come out.

Wenis2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

The funny thing is Kran, Minecraft is actually very similar to another game as well, Infiniminer and is actually what inspired minecraft, partially at least according to Notch. Secondly, distributing this game has nothing to do with distributing minecraft since... its not minecraft. Yes the game is obviously a blatant rip off but thats it. I mean look how similar racing games are to eachother, but you don't see people issuing lawsuits about that, mainly because they can't.

HolyOrangeCows2821d ago

Wow, talk about rip offs.

And I don't care about infiniminer; game sucked compared to Micecraft. But this....THIS is practically a carbon copy of Minecraft (without the fun in sight). Hardly even bothered to change the name.

Typical Xbox Indie devs.

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Pandamobile2821d ago


"I can't come up with an original game idea, so lets just rip off a massively successful indie game"

bodybombs2821d ago

just like 90 percent of anything you can think of nowadays. 10 percent of whatever you see around you is original

bodybombs2821d ago

nah, im sure somebody had a face before you

rlm412821d ago

You jelly it aint coming to PS3?

Pandamobile2821d ago

Why would I be jealous when I can play the real Minecraft whenever I want?

SupahJ2821d ago

I'd totally spend $1 on this! Why not?

Mastersnake102821d ago

Wow, after checking out the footage, I'm actually kind of looking forward to this. Why not make an imitation that improves upon the original when the original doesn't even try to improve itself?

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The story is too old to be commented.