9 Upcoming Movie-Related Games You Should Know About

Love it or hate it, video games have been tirelessly trying to replicate some of Hollywood’s greatest creations for as long as kids have been waggling control pads in the general direction of their televisions.

And while GoldenEye, Aladdin and New Ghostbusters II (look it up kids) can be considered button-thumping classics, the same can’t be said for ET: The Extra Terrestrial, Iron Man and a small continent’s worth of god-awful Star Wars titles.

And 2011 is definitely no different in packing in those movie-related games (something to do with the fact they’re genuine money-spinners, no doubt). There are the general tie-ins, some ‘80s revivals and, yes, even a Star Wars title here and there. Here’s a rundown of what could (and should) be the best of the year’s movie-related joypad offerings.

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