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In the beginning of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Adam Jensen is an average security consultant. He was hired at Sarif Industries, an influential company pioneering human augmentation. Control temporarily switches to the player where you walk up to Adam’s ex-girlfriend, Dr. Megan Reed, for an on-rails tour of the facility.

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showtimefolks2822d ago

and was delayed and never no new info i am starting to see either late summer or Q1 2012 no way they put this in a already SUPER JAMMED PACK FALL 2011

but i just want a confirmed release date and i am happy. the reason for the delay was legit that the game was not as great because the project is huge so hopefully whenever we see it

it will be well worth the wait. everything we have seen gameplay wise looks nothing short of amazing but on the enemies side they have only showed 2 bosses one lady who fires the machine gun and can disappear and the big bully guy who call the main character a boys scout

take your time give us the best dues-ex experience possible

RedDead2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

I love how this looks, it seems to be very true to the original. Except for one (gamebreaking imo) thing. The Animated kills. Just go back and play the original and tell me if all your stealthkills and melee beatdowns were replaced with Animated kills, would it be nearly as good? Suceeding in the stuff I mentioned was a big part of the first. Now it's just rediculous, there is no risk anymore. In the old one attacking two enemies at once was a risk. Since failing to kill both quickly meant one might reach the alarm.

In the previous 25 min video's, more than half of the kills when animated and out of player control.

chriski3332822d ago

damn it i just want to know when this game is coming out!!!!!!!!!!!