KZ3 Turns a Non-motion believer into a believer

Killzone 3 is shaping up to be a powerful achievement for the Playstation 3 in its own right, but what it proves for the future of motion games is much more meaningful: The marriage of high visual fidelity and deep gameplay with precise motion controls can work and it can work very well.

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Apollyn2849d ago

I rather enjoyed the read so thought i would share it.

talltony2849d ago

It's true I am a believer in motion controls now too. Move works excellent with kz3.

Rainstorm812849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

I recently used Move with KZ3 and the control scheme is really good and doesnt feel tacked on at all like i feared.

Some would think its just Killzone with motion, but it really separates its self from the traditional DS3 control, playing with move on KZ3 is a completely different experience from the controller.

buying the sharpshooter tomorrow

nix2849d ago

like i've been saying... after some point, it just becomes intuitive. love the Move. too bad MP (offline) doesn't support it.

nycredude2849d ago

I've been playing botzone for the last hour or so just tweaking the Calibration itht he Sharpshooter. Slowly getting better. I'm not going to play the real game yet until I feel comfortabe with the Gun.

I've gotta admit though that using the Sharpshooter is a work out on your shoulders. Can't wait to get better and play the single player.

ANyone have pointers on the settings let me know please. I want to compare notes.

edwineverready2849d ago

Yep i agree that is why i bought the sharpshooter. It will be great fun.

jack_burt0n2849d ago

Nothing wrong with sports champions or tumble both worth the admission price of move imo.

Bathyj2849d ago

Tumble is excellent. I brought Move pretty much only because I got a good deal on ebay and I knew hardcore games were coming, but early on Tumble has me a believer.

Very precise, good use of the controller and physics (which I love, LBP is like crack to me at the moment) and that simply clean look which alot of cheap games like Hustle Kings have that I also like.

Even my PC snobby mate was trying to wrestle me for a go.

Rainstorm812849d ago

Tumble is the new age Digital Jenga in my house.

I always get a two player match and its lasts for about an hour trying to out stack each a really underrated motion game and @ 10 bucks its a steal.

nycredude2849d ago

It was only $5 fo a while recently.

OT I just got home with the Sharpshooter and Killzone 3 Preorder!

jack_burt0n2849d ago

And RE5 was transformed with move, made it a much better game.

Ruse is also great for a console RTS.

Time crisis is a great collection.

even the casual stuff has been responsive accurate and rarely resorts to waggle.

day 1 buy and used it constantly, hope sorcery and some more new IP gets announced.

MintBerryCrunch2849d ago

that ball better be red when i pick up my copy

KZ and pink? just NO

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

it have ''orange-red'' color.

PirosThe4th2849d ago

ya se q hablas español...
si es naranja tirando a rojo...
Ya dentro de unas semanas me compro el move!

Only a few weeks left before I actually buy Move. I already got a PSEye.

-Alpha2849d ago

Owning the pathetic ISA scum in pink only humiliates them more.

Embrace pink

MintBerryCrunch2849d ago

first its the ball, next it will be pink glowing eyes

the madness!

SSKILLZ2849d ago

Been hearing good things about motion control on KZ3

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