Half Life 2 Thief Is “Very Sorry”

You may remember this little incident that happened in 2003. A hacker by the name Axel Gembe got a hold of the PC game everybody wanted their hands on, Half Life 2. By hacking into Valve’s main frame he stole the game’s source code, which eventually led to the source code being available online. This led to a long delay for Valve’s hit sequel and probation for the young hacker (a fate that would of been dramatically worse if Valve had their way and flew him to America.)

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ATiElite2797d ago

This was an event that brought the PC community together because everyone helped out in tracking this bastard down (then sending him death threats, viruses, and stealing his ID).

Valve has been grateful to the PC community ever since. This ASS CLOWN almost F up the greatest game ever.

ct032797d ago

The alpha version wasn't really playable, if anything it was a droplet of juice to whet your appetite. There were a few rough pieces of levels, but none of the enemy AI was properly implemented and it all had little to do with the final game.

The only "level" that was really playable was an awesome physics sandbox room with a pool in the middle. It's not in the final game, and you could use the gravity gun to interact with mattresses, watch them float etc.

giantchicken2798d ago

Wow. Way to bring it up after everyone forgot, hacker guy.

Nightshadow2798d ago

Too little too late. Geohot belongs in the same category as this douche.

ChrisW2797d ago

Not 100%. This retard also created a worm for DOS attacks. IMO, this'll put him at least 1 level below GeoHotz in the depths of hell.

ATiElite2797d ago

No I would donate money to GEo Hot WAYYYYYY before I would PISS on Alex even if he was on fire.

Sure Geo Hot popped the PS3's security Cherry but Alex STOLE the SOURCE CODE and HL2.

Alex is the true definition of Pirate and scum of the earth.

TXIDarkAvenger2798d ago

Is this some fail attempt to gain popularity over Geohot? Meh rather hear this guy than Geohot unless he died or went to jail.

lepolohuevo2797d ago

Listen, this guy was far worse and more dangerous than Geohot, make your little research.

TXIDarkAvenger2797d ago

Yeah, be sorry out of nowhere. I mean all the way back in 2003 and now in 2011 say sorry? Meh better late than never...

yewles12798d ago

NOW??????????? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????

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The story is too old to be commented.