Instead of donating to hackers, Donate to Sony

There has been a lot of people donating to hackers out there to "fight the system." All this talk about supporting a guy who only cares about building his fame, only makes the urge to play video games even more. Hackers are not only around video games, but almost every device man has created. Instead of donating your money to someone that will always exist in every electronic device asking for a donation, how about donating to Sony instead? How can you donate you ask? Buy simply buying a video game, accessory, or digital content for yourself. Not only are you making your self happy, but Sony as well because your doing good business. So do the good cause of donating to yourself, or to a friend, by purchasing something that will help send Sony's enemies back into the shadows! So what will you be donating to yourself and Sony?

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MariaHelFutura2799d ago

Instead of donating to Sony....donate to MSs first party production.

ComboBreaker2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

"So do the good cause of donating to yourself, or to a friend, by purchasing... a video game, accessory, or digital content for yourself. Not only are you making your self happy, but Sony as well because your doing good business."

Makes a lot of sense.

Stryfeno22799d ago

Instead of donating to Sony, MS or Nintendo....Donate to me. PM me for my paypal account number. :)

BattleAxe2799d ago

I'm donating to Sony tomorrow when I go to buy Killzone3 :)

despair2799d ago


they would just funnel it into kinect advertising :)

-Alpha2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

How about you donate to a charity that will take a child out of poverty or take women/the elderly out of abusive environments instead of giving it to a corporation or a criminal?

Just saying.

If I ever give money away I'll make damn sure it wont be towards people who don't need it, and Sony/Geo sure as hell don't need/deserve it.

badz1492799d ago

"donate" is being used in this article to counter that Geodouche is currently asking for donation! nobody ask you to actually donate your money to Sony, just ask you to buy your games. what's this talk about charity and stuff? you gonna stop gaming and devote yourself to charity now? if that's the case, all the best to you! sincerely and I'm serious.

Jezuz2799d ago

Alpha-Male22 you nailed it right there

InFAMOUS12799d ago

I donate to Sony pretty much every freaking Tuesday. They profit just fine from legal game sales. Everyone got a hate on for Geohot but not when he did the iPhone or whoever was responsible for the 360 or the scene and P2P groups who continue to crack game software on a daily basis and upload it to torrent and FTP sites..

It's funny that a few months back I spoke out against piracy on here and lost bubbles. Why is it so different now? The issue is NOT Geohot it's the bottom of the barrel Douche bags whom actually pirate the software. These are the same people in some instances who were buying games at retail before the jailbreak... I'm all against piracy, but the fact remains, Geohot would never have published the keys if Sony didn't attack and he didn't. He kept them all to himself until law enforcement raided the guys home.

Is it terrible the the keys got out? Absolutely it is. However Sony is about to bury this guy in debt! It's not about winning to them, it's about making him think twice about ever touching or missing a Sony device ever again simply bcuz he can't afford it, all because this "kid" is talented and believes in something that fanboys on here don't but MILLIONS of others do! And again, it's not about piracy! It's about open source! It's about buying something and being able to do whatever u please with it! If u choose to break the law then that is ur problem. Next time u buy a car ask the sales guy if it's ok to add a non stock stereo or a nice set of rims or a new manifold and watch ur reaction when he says no or else they will bury u in 100s of thousands of dollars in legal fees and take away years of ur life... My point? 6 to 1 half a dozen to another!

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Nitrowolf22799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

Now this isn't called a "Donation" if your pretty much getting something in return(compensation)

also, wow why are so many sites milking this to death. "Donate to Geo, don't Donate, hacking good, no its not, ect, ect, ect"

Thesonygeniuses2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

so is donation to hackers because the community is in return getting illegal downloaded games.

Nitrowolf22799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

don't play dumb with me, that may be the reason why people are donating to Geo, but the donation is to help him pay off his lawyers, regardless of the outcome.

Now this is really the only time i will defend him here, people aren't getting games from him or for his work. People didn't pay for his stuff at all. They are donating to him so that he can continue this case and pay for his lawyer expenses. Geo doesn't distribute the games, those are other people who decide to rip them, and geo never paid them to do that.

plus with this your getting your return right away, as soon as the exchange is made you have your item.

Also if you really want to stretch this out, then it should be called this instead

"Instead of donating to hackers, Donate to retailers, so that they can donate to Sony"
cause all items bought at retailer, that money is going to the retailer not Sony, Sony made their money from the retailer earlier when they made shipments to them.

Cause those $60 games people are buying aren't the actually price Sony sold it to companies, it's the price they set it at for them to sell it.

Thesonygeniuses2799d ago

@ nitrowolf without sony, retailers would not have the products to sell.

Nitrowolf22799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

And without retailers Sony wouldn't have a product to distribute as wide spread (Which has always been their goal to be a global market). See what i did there?

my point is this is not a donation at all, unless your writing a check directly to Sony without getting an exchange for yourself during the transaction, then this is simply just supporting their products.

Spendign money is not the same as donating money.

On a side note why would i want to donate money to a company that has plenty of it? I will spend money on their goods but not donate to them.

Godmars2902799d ago

Don't I do that every time I buy a game?

Derekvinyard132799d ago

Yea and a ps3, and a tv and much more. im not "Donating" a cent to sony a million doller company that i already gave thousends to.

badz1492799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

you "spent" it on them! that's totally different! is it really THAT hard to comprehend the difference between "donate", "give" and "spend"?

nightfallinicedearth2799d ago

Sony will be just fine without my donation.

ps3alldayeveryday2799d ago

Seriously, I'm donating to Sony tomorrow by buying a copy of Killzone 3! :)

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